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Do Babies see Spirits???

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Now, I believe in Spirits and I think that children really do see them. They haven't been told they can't. Well, not untill they are about 5.

I just wanted to know how everybody else felt about this?

Can babies see thing most adults can't? Can they see Spirits??
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I have always heard that babies and animals see spirits, and i beleive it to.
My boss from where I used to work said one time she heard her son in his room talking to himself. She went in and he said "you made her go away" and she said "who". "Grandma" "Grandma is in heaven Mitchell" and he said I know I was talking to her. He told my boss things he would never know becaue he, was a baby when she died. He described her and her outfit perfectly. And Karen (my boss) knew the outfit. And they have no pictures of her in this outfit at all for him to have seen it before. Karen was in tears!!
But before she told me that story I always beleived it.
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I tend to think so also. A few years ago, I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy and lost the baby at around 8 weeks. I guess I should back up -- before I even knew I was pregnant, Jessi was talking to her little brother. My mom thought it was really cute, but had no idea that while this was going on, we were actually testing to see if I was pregnant.

Anyway, I lost the baby a few weeks later and to this day, she still talks about her little brother in Heaven. We never actually told her that I was having a baby, nor that the baby had died.

Before I found out I was pregnant this time, Jessi started talking about her baby sister. We kept asking her where she was and she would tell me in my tummy. So we asked when her birthday was, and Jessi said Christmas. Although we've known for awhile now that I am pregnant, we only got our actual due date last week .... December 26th.

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Oh wow Dawn!! Jessi would be scaring the pants off of me if she was my daughter.

I think they do. I don't have any experiences to share. guess it is just my opinion and what I think.

I agree with Wolfy they have never been told they should not believe in them. And most kids have an imaginary friend. Should we wonder if maybe that is a spirit they are talking too?
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WOW!! Those are great stories!!

My mom said that I use to be in my room playing tea party...and when she would ask me who i was playing with I would say Granddaddy.

He died before I was even born...and I had never seen a pic at that age (2,3,4 and 5) but she said I always talked about his pretty blue eyes. He had pretty blue eyes!!
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Who else would the babies be babbling too if not spirits of some sort? When I was 6 my Daddy died and when I was 10 Eli was born. It seems that Eli knew more about Daddy than I did.
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Tell us more kneecole! I believe they can see spirits and angels too.
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Why not?

Why wouldn't they be able to see them?? If adults can so can babies. JMHO.
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I to believe that children and animal see spirits. Alisha use to play with two little girls upstairs in her room. I remember her yelling one day at one of the girls, and I asked her about it and she said " You know the two little girls I play with, one made me mad" I said No I don't know of the little girls, she then described them to me. Alisha use to say things to her Grandma and Grandpa Lawless to when she went to visit and spend the night. She doesn't anymore but it was scary, but it is like they grow out of it.

Kind of reminds me of Baby Genius, where the babies no the meaning of life but they lose it once they cross over.
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Yes I believe!!
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When Braydon was 3.5, maybe 4, he was in his room talking to someone. I asked him who it was and he said, "Kyle". I said, "who's Kyle?" He said, "you can't see him. Only me." We didn't focus too much on it but we noticed he was always talking to Kyle. Anyway, after racking our brain for days, we came to the conclusion that he meant DH's brother who was 2 days old when he died 16 yrs ago. He is the only Kyle we know of.
Also, when my SIL was still in her crib around the age of 2, my FIL walked by her bedroom. He could hear her talking to someone and there was a glow under the door. As soon as he opened the door, the glow went away. Kristy was standing up in her crib, looking up to the ceiling, waving and saying "bye bye angels". My FIL said he was so freaked out.
Last one.... DH's grandma died almost 4 yrs ago. DH's neice was 1 yr old and didn't really remember her. When she was about 2.5, she started talking to her "invisible friend". This "friend" would tell her when to go pee-pee (she was being potty trained at the time), go brush her teeth, and when it was time for bed. Her "friend"'s name was "big grandma". Now, that is what Braydon called her but my niece was too young to remember that. One day, they were walking down the hall when my niece looked up to my SIL and said, "look mommy, there's big grandma". She pointed to a picture of DH's grandma.
So, yeah, I guess I believe.
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Stacey, those were cool stories, thanks for sharing.
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Those are amazing stories!

On a related subject, I have always believed that each of has a guardian angel. It would not surprise me to think that these children are talking to theirs!

A favorite "bumper" sticker of mine: "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly".
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That is sooooo neat Stacey. I wish I could see angels!
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I read Sylvia Brown's book and I honestlt do believe that they can see spirits. In the book it says that you should incourage your children to tell you about what they see. It went into great detail and explained about why they can see and hear spirits and why most adults cannot.
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I believe

I strongly believe that little children and animals too can see spirits. My daughter giggles and coos at the ceiling all the time. Who else could she be cooing at? There is nobody there. I always whisper in her ear..."do you see the angels again?" I ask her if they are beautiful. I know she cannot understand me, but she knows. I am a strong christian, and do believe in spirits and angels. Everytime my little Bailey sees a picture of Jesus Christ, she just stares as if he is the most captivating thing she has ever seen. She just smiles as if he is smiling right at her. I know that babies and children are very close to god when they come to this earth.

Just a quick story. My aunt lives in OR, and I went out to stay w/ her for a little while. Her house is constantly being blessed b/c it is bothered by spirits who make noises and ring doorbells, slam closets, that kind of thing. Nothing ever dangerous. Well, one of the spirits living in this huge house is a woman. I personally have caught a glimpse of her walking up the steps to my aunt's room. I thought it was my cousin until I rounded a corner and saw he was no where in sight. Well, one time my aunt's brother in law came to stay w/ the family while their house was being built. This man had
two little girls. One day, he called for the girls to come out and eat dinner or something, and they didn't want to come out of their room. They said that the lady hadn't finished her story yet. I guess that they figured that this woman would sit in w/ the children in their play room and read them stories and play w/ them. She was just kind of there to look after them and be with them when the parents were not. I know that to this day, this same spirit woman is still in my aunt's home. And, kids do see spirits and angels.

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Neat story Julie!
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i believe that skylar sees spirits. she will be in her swing, and all of a sudden just start cooing and talking to the wall.... and then for no reason bust out into tears, but she doesn't want anything...
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Im glad I found this

Im soo glad to find this, my husband thinks I am crazy when I tell him I think our baby sees someone in the room, everytime I lay him in bed he stares at this window (which has nothing different than the other ones) and starts smiling and cooing a lot, like he does when somebody is talking to him.
My dad pased away 10 years ago, I asked him if he could be his guardian angel, I hope is him watching over.... we'll see what happens when he can speak.
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Gracie used to do this little thing where she would get up on her toes with her arms stretched upward and "dance" around the room almost as if she were holding on to someone's hands. I used to jokingly say 'Gracie is chasing faeries again" but you never know...
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

I don't have any personal stories since I don't have any kids myself. I know my sister cooed a lot at the ceiling though.

Oh but my grandmother did tell me one about my mother. Apparently, one day while they were all visiting my great-grandparents, all the men were in the living room talking and all the women were in the kitchen talking. NO-ONE was upstairs at all. My mother was very young and was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She said "I can't come up and play with you, I"m not supposed to come upstairs." My grandfather asked her who she was talking to and she said "The lady in the white dress." That house is very very old. They call the spirit Old Lady Harding. They have also said that my great-grandparents would unplug all the plugs from the walls before they left the house to go anywhere (preventing a fire hazard I guess) and one day after making sure all the plugs were unplugged, they left the house and locked it. No one entered the house all day and when they came back, they unlocked the door and went in and all the plugs were plugged into the wall.

Now that I think about it, I have a more recent experience with a spirit. I'm almost 21 though, so I'm not a kid. But I was at my grandmother's house feeding my sugar gliders. I've always gotten a feeling like someone was watching me in that house but it was never a bad feeling. Well while I was cutting veggies, I got that feeling again and it was really strong. Feeling a bit foolish, I asked outloud "Is anyone there?" Suddenly, the coffee-pot made a loud pop noise, like something was thrown at it or if any of you has ever had a plastic appliance make that pop noise. Right after hearing the pop I heard a voice, ever so quiet ask a question. I don't know what the question was. All I know it sounded like a young man asking a question. There were no t.vs on in the house, no radios. No one was home except me. Weird.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

Those are SOOO cool. I believe..I have seen things before..I saw my Gpa's feet after he died..scared me to death. He died at home and I was there several months later with my Gma I walked out of the bathroom and out of the corner of my eye I saw shoes and "felt" someone standing there..I RAN all the way to the kitchen! White as a sheet my Gma said "Kid ( that is what she said all the time) you look like you saw a ghost!"
Allec used to have a "friend" that he talked to all the time and a dog too!
This is a really neat subject!!
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

I do believe in angels. I think children are more open to it because they are more innocent and believing, and don't have preconcieved notions about what's real and what's not.

When Jonathan was 3 (before we had him tested for autism), he "Escaped" from the church one day when we were working on remodeling there. When we realized he was gone, we immediately started looking for him and DH called the police. The police almost immediately got a radio back from the fire station that was about 2 blocks away from our church. They said that someone had just dropped a little boy off there and he fit Jon Jon's description. The police took DH up there, and as soon as I found out, I flew up there in the car. When we got there, they had Jon inside and wouldn't let us take him until they talked to us. They said that someone dropped him off there and said "His parents are already looking for him. I have to go. I have some place I've got to be." And the person disappeared. They didn't see them come in. They didn't see them leave. They never saw a car, and they couldn't remember if it was a man or a woman, how they were dressed, what they looked like, or anything. Without this "person's" statement, they couldn't really do anything. DH thinks that it was an angel.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

A friend of mine told me about an experience she had with her neice and nephew. They were about 3 months and 3 years, respectively, and my friend was babysitting them at their house. She had put them to bed and had the baby monitor on. A few minutes later she heard the 3-yr-old (the boy) on the monitor, talking to his baby sister. He said something like, "Can you tell me what Jesus looks like? I'm starting to forget."

My friend was so freaked out! Neither of us had ever heard a kid say anything like that.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

Okay, I'm not a new dad, but my daughter just had her first child
a couple of weeks ago. At first it was just me suggesting the
newest family member was 'different', but now everyone shares
the attitude that she's from 'somewhere else'. We are expecting
that one day she WILL be one to be feared and respected, and
we're all staying on her good side, so when she gets older and
is in command of her powers, she doesn't wish us into the cornfield.
The child glowers and stares intently much more than she smiles,
and just what or who she is looking at, we have no clue.
Sadly, as she is just beginning life, another family member's is
ending as I compose this. So, perhaps HIS soon-to-be-on-the-
other-side spirt? Also, another family member, whom no one
cares for, recently picked her up, and the baby just glared at
her and stuck her tongue out at her! What can I say?, her
"cat sense" detected evil, pure and simple. Any wiccans or
druids out there who can help us channel her "white magic"?,
which she, hopefully, will use only for good...not evil.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

They absolutely can see spirits. My 2-year old points in mid-air and laughs all the time. Also, several times lately, he gets all excited, points into the air and says "a guy, a guy!".

Now, if you REALLY want to get chills, try asking your kid (that knows how to talk, but still hasn't been affected by social conditioning) who he used to be when he was might be shocked by what comes out of his/her mouth.

I did this to my friend's 3-year old some time back and he proceeded to tell me about his life and death as a fireman - using technical language and terms that no 3 year old could possibly know.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

i believe they do because after i had my M/C my baby boy kept looking up at the celling and cooing and smiling. all i kept thinking was he must be playing with his lil sister or brother.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

Wow this is an awesome thread!

I do also believe they can see spirits, A few weeks ago Jerren woke up in the middle of the night and just started laughing and laughing for 2 hours straight, nothing I do would make him stop laughing. I figured it was probably his grandapa visiting him, since grandapa use to make me laugh for hours up hours when I was a kid.

Jerren's great grandapa just passed away a few days ago and honestly I am expecting something out of the ordinary to happen. I would e-mail pictures of Jerren to his great grand parents, and the last e-mail we got from GGP was one asking about how we got Jerrens name. Jerren never met his GGP yet so I hope one day GGP comes and visits him ^_^.

Here is another story, when my mom moved to the states she left her family behind in Korea. Well one day she saw her mom right next to her in a beautiful white dress, told my mom it would be ok and left. Well my mom got a call the next day saying her mother passed away.
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

I believe they do...Destiny stayed talkin to the ceiling whenshe was younger and i believe it was my cousin who died when i was seven months preggo...
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Re: Do Babies see Spirits???

I do believe they do also!
When I lived in the last place before here, Sarah was only 5 months old when we moved there.
She had her own room and was always babbling. And everytime someone would get her out of her crib to take her out of the room, she would wave and say bye bye, as they were leaving the room.
I do believe there was "something" there, as my older daughter and youngest son, who were 13 and 8 always seen the spirit of a little girl about 4 or 5 or so. So did my daughters' friends. The friends would say they had seen a little girl walking upstairs in the hallway, and ask who it was.
We adults never did see anything. Although, many times, I heard someone call "mom" and the kids swore it wasn't them, or there weren't even any kids home.
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