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How long did you wait?

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I've heard lots of different recomendations for how long you should wait after a loss to start TTC again...everything from 2 normal periods to a year.

How long did you wait and what did your doctor recomend?

I'm going to wait the year that my doctor suggested but don't know if I will still want another baby right away by then.
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They said to wait 6 months, but we started trying about 4 months after Brandon passed away. I got pregnant in Jan and had Austin in Sept.
You will know when you are ready to try again. If you need to talk i am here for you!
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My doctor told my at least a year for my body to heal right, but I waited 10 years. Now I am trying after 10 years. I only waited because I was scared that it might happen again, but now I feel that I'm ready. Whenever you are ready is the right time.
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I waited 2 cycles like he suggested, but honestly, we didn't prevent anything, it just took that long to conceive Camryn I guess. You'll know when you're ready. Just take care of yourself in the meantime.
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We waited the two normal cycles my doctor recommended. Not that it mattered so far. At this rate, by the time I get pregnant, it may have been a year.
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My RE made me wait only 1 cycle before moving on with IVF after the second ectopic pregnancy.

I worked with a lady who had a baby and when she came back from maternity leave she was pregnant again. (Three months.) She had a healthy pregnancy with no problems. I'm sure a doctor wouldn't recomend getting pregnant again so soon, but wanted to tell you about her.
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Holy Irish Twins, Batman! I don't think I could deal with that.
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@ Amy

After my first mc they made us wait 1 cycle then back to the chlomid, trigger shots. I got preg again but the mc that baby also. He wanted me to wait 1 cycle and try again. I said no I was done. 3 months later I was preg with Logan without that Dr's help.

I didn't want to wait the 1 ycle after the first mc. I wanted to try it on our own but Ed wouldn;t let me.
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I was on Clomid for about 8 months, then miscarried last September. I waited until November to get back on the Clomid. Then I miscarried in March. The doc said in a month, he'll check me out and start up the Clomid again.

I have had one baby, so we know it's possible - we just have to be patient. With the first m/c, we didn't even know I was pg. The second, we knew for about 2 weeks.

For whatever reason, I don't have cycles at all when not taking some medication (either b/c or Clomid), so we are just assuming that I'll need help.
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I'm sorry for your losses Judy. There are alot of ladies here who know what you are going through.

I have had 2 healthy normal pregnancies and this past february I had a 7th month still birth. I have very little doubt that I could get pregnant again when I want to but I don't know if I still will after a year.

Amy- I pray for you daily that you are going to get that baby that you want so badly.
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Judy Has your Dr said what he thinks the problem is? I have PCOS and didn;t cycle either without help.
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No, Becky - he didn't really look into it too deeply, since the lowest dose of Clomid got things going. I suspect that it's this:

I was on b/c from 16 to 29 (when we decided to have a baby). So, the last time my body did the hormones on its own, I was 16 and weighed about 140 pounds. Well, I'm no longer 16, and weigh about 200 pounds. I expect that is part of it.

With my son, and this last m/c, it only took 3-4 months on Clomid. So I figure we'll try again. The Dr. said they would look into the m/c more closely (i.e., looking for a reason) if I have 3 in a row -- I've only had 2.
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Have you ever looked into PCOS? My mcs were caused by low prgesterone.
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I've never heard of it. Perhaps I will ask him about it in more detail. What is the treatment for something like that?
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It is polycystic ovarian syndrome. it is mostly hormonal. Can be caused by many thing and can cause many things. They can look for it by testing ovairian function and ultra sounds to look at your ovaries. It has caused me not to ovulate, gain weight, acne, oily skin, hair growth on face, some people with it can even loos hair. I will do a search tomorrow from work where I have cable connection and post some links with more info. Many people have it and don;t know it.
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Hi Judy!
I wanted to say that I agree with Becky. From what I have read, I think you should talk to your doctor about PCOS. I do not have it, but have done LOTS of research on infertility so I do have a little knowledge about it.
DO you have any of the symptoms that Becky has described?
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Hi Judy,
I'm sorry to hear of your losses.. I have an 11-year-old son and we had a 6th month stillbirth last August when I contracted Fifth disease without knowing it. My daughter caught the virus and wasn't able to fight it off.

Definitely look into the PCOS or low progesterone ideas. There are lots of things that they can fix now.

Good luck!
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Heather - I guess I do have a couple of the symptoms. I hadn't really thought about it before. The oily skin and acne, and hair on the face. Since my mom has the same thing, I always figured it was genetic. The weight gain, well, I'd sooner attribute that to too many candy bars....
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Judy here is a link that describes PCOS there ar emany more but I have been swamped at work today!!!

Just try a search for PCOS I will post more as I come by them. There are a few of here with PCOS and LIke Heather said she has done alot of research.

PM me if yo need to
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Well, I went in for my follow-up visit today. We're going to start back up with progesterone to start my cycle, then 50mg of Clomid. I had to go in for another pregnancy test (just to make sure that I'm not, by some miracle, pregnant).

He also requested blood work to check out my thyroid, and something else... prolactin? He asked if my thyroid was OK, and I told him no one had told me otherwise, so he decided to check it, too.

So, back to the drawing board (or something like that )
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