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4/28 thru 5/4/03 FLYbabies :-)

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Good Monday morning FLYbabies (Monday evening for my
buddy ) Today is the first day of the rest of our lives!!! How is
everyone doing this morning? Would you like to check in??
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I'll go first

I am out of bed, dressed to the shoes (lace up of course), my
bed is made, I have brushed my teeth & washed my face, I
unloaded the dishwasher/put away the clean dishes, and my
sink is shining!!!! So far so good for me
This is going to be my Morning Routine. According to FLYlady,
if I do this 27 days in a row (approximately) then it will become
habit and I will do it without even thinking. I know that this
seems like a very small routine but remember BABY STEPS!!
Last time I tried this, my routines got too big and I crashed and

Lets hear from ya'll!!!
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FlyBaby: My first steps

Last night, I signed up for Flylady as part of our Baby U flybaby buddies program.

Michele (FlyingMoons ) is my flybaby buddy.

* Last night, I put away the day's laundry, picked up toys and things in the living room

* Ironed Tim's clothes for work (I used to do it in the mornings)

* and got my clothes and Michael's set for tomorrow.

* printed out my FlyLady welcome letter and my morning rountine info.

This morning

* I got up at 4:30 AM. Took a shower, washed up, brushed teeth, got dressed.

* 5:00 AM
Made coffee for Tim and a lite breakfast for him.

* 5:15 AM
Tim and I watched television and talked before he has to leave for work.

* 6 AM
washed dishes by hand and decluttered kitchen counters and I SHINED my sink.

* 6:15 AM
I made a Flylady book with a binder and organized it for more info as I receive it.

* 6:20 AM
Online and checked my email to recieve my 1st reminder from Flylady.

* 6:30 AM
online at Baby U and finishing Lifestyles newsletter. Checking posts.

* 6:38 AM
I have my schedule of this week's meals listed. Tonight is Homemade Chili with cornbread. I have items set aside already to make dinner later this evening.

* 6:45 AM- 7 AM
On to decluttering the living room and kitchen.

* I have one load of laundry to do but I cannot run my washer this early and wake my neighbors. I will start laundry at 8 AM.

* Breakfast will be at 8:30 AM with Michael and I need to schedule an appointment today with Michael's pediatrician because think he has pink eye.

* My shoes are by the door ready when we leave for the doctor today.

I will be adding my flybaby progress later today.

Not bad for my first day!
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The funny thing is Sheila as I get up at night my evening routine is very similar to your morning routine

I have got up showered, put on dressing gown (for the moment) Ironed my uniform, had my dinner, got the kids showered and into bed (winters almost here, we had to put an extra blanket on the kids beds tonight ), and I'm just enoying a little BabyU time before I go and run the dishwasher (it is loaded), and shine my sink. Des will put the washing thru when he gets home from darts - bc he needs to put his clothes in the washing machine first, other than that it is also ready to go.

OOPs almost forgot my lunch, better get that made. I will get more organised, I promise buddy.
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I am here and dressed enough to drive Caitlyn into school (I do need to go in and sign her in). When I get back, I'll shower and get dressed for the day. It is just a bit too cold in here to get wet just yet. Hey, Becky. Where are ya?
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Where are you buddy?
How are you doing?
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Ok .. I don't have a buddy yet .. but I'm gonna join you ladies!

(6:00 am)Woke up and showered. Got dressed (shoes and all), make-up and hair done. Took the laundry down and sorted, wiped down the bathroom, made our bed, checked emails, checked new posts on BU, went over my to do list for the day, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and mopped. (8:01am)
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Hey buddy you are off to a great start

I got up at 5:30am and got dressedto my shoes (I will have my shower when I get home from my morning run)

I checked my Calendar....I have a shop run today ( I wish I had the middle of my day off )

I tidied up my one hotspot (my puter desk)

Laundry was done last night and is all folded...just need to put away once everyone is awake

I justhave to get our backpack ready to go (for our run) and once I am home I will empty my dishwasher--its too early to be makign that much noise now....and I will declutter and eat breakfast and drink my water when I am back from my morning run.....need my this early in the morning first

And sinks are shining
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Woo Hoo we are surely taking off today
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HOORAY! This is great!
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Hey Jennifer! I am here at work 8:37 am. I had a bad morning! This is what I did last night:

Washed dishes by hand and shined my sink
Picked up living room from the kids messes for the day
Folded and put 1 load of laudrey away
Got clothes of for Today
Went to bed 11pm
Up at 11:30 with Logan he usually sleeps threw the night Up till 2am with hin. See why I am having a bad am?

Up at 7:30 should have been 6:30 at the latest
Did NOT get to make my bed
Got showered dressed and ready to go
Got Samantha up and dressed and ready to go
Got Logan up and dressed and out the door
Droped Samantha at school
Droped Logan at daycare
Got work and spilled my coffee all down the front of me
Actually papers slid off a tray on my desk and knocked over my coffee into my lap. I guess I can do FLY from work bc I need it here too!

We are having chicken tonight for dinner have it already marinating in itallian dressing in the fridsge (did that last night)
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Becky...sorry your day got off to a bad start, but you are doing great!!

Everyone is doing great!!! Hey sis glad to see you here!
Your morning routine is wearing me out but, I guess you have been doing this fro a while Good job
Maree, you are doing great too!! Have a good nite at work and tell Des his FLYlady Buddy said that he is doing great also

I struggled with wearing my lace up shoes all the time, but I like it really does make a difference!! And I am nervous about decluttering....I am a pac-rat, so this is a big step for me. Today I will do a 27 fling boogie, but I'm not sure that I can declutter for 15 minutes AND do the boogie....BABY STEPS....I think that I will count my boogie as 15 minutes of decluttering Well I'm off to set my timer and spend 15 minutes on BabyU!
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Ok I got up at 4:20am to find a baby with a fever. So I did not get dressed, make my bed or clean my sink. I spent until about 6:30 on the couch napping, until shorty fell off the couch and wacked her head on a toy! so i comforted her, her fever is down I am checking in here before I take shorty to the Y for an hour and run my monday errands. (mondays are my day to stop at the stores and pick up things and check in. I am already behind cause of a sick baby.) SO I am off to get dressed now - Thats my big step for the day - I am one who always runs arounds in sweats or jogging pants. SO I will get a morning routine by tomorrow! MY sink will be shining tomorrow morning!
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Hang in there Karen We know that you can do this, just take care of your sick baby and getting dressed is a great accomplishment This is a work in progress

And remember ladies.....We are NEVER behind, we can just jump in where we are!!!
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Okay--I started out a bit slow. I didn't get out of bed til 9:00am. I went to bed at 10:00 too. There are nights I just crash from getting little sleep with Kels.

So far I haven't done anything but I have wonderful plans.

I got my bath before bed and I am dressed--just no shoes--I HATE shoes.

Yesterday I deep cleaned the guest bath, master bath, Kels room, Christian's room and the hallway.

Today is my master bedroom--followed by living room since that is flylady's job for us.

Gotta put laundry away.

Have fun everyone! And good luck Heather!
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Good Plans Wendy!!! ANd at the shoes... Mine aren't on either...

Okay well I got up at 6:15 knowing that i had to Shine my Sink this Am since Jim went to bed way after I did. Took my shower got dressed, fixed my hair etc. No lace up shoes, because I can't do them right now (My hips hurt too bad in the Am to reach my feet, and I can't breathe anyway when I try and put them on)

Got Tessa's clothes and hair things out for the day on the table waiting for her to wake up.

Come downstairs and the sink is empty (thanks DH) but not shined so I shine it. Spend 10 minutes straightening living room, and vacumn area rug.

Right Now I'm having my Rasberry Tea and Breakfast while I surf waiting for Tessa to get up.

After she eats breakfast I will get her dressed and do workbook pages with her.

I want to do some work in the living room today, but will see how it goes... I'm taking my baby steps at least
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Ok, I'm here now too...long morning with Adam and now in the process of fighting with him for his nap....anyway this will be quick

got up 630 am brushed teeth, got dressed, made coffee, made lunches...oh and cleaned or rather wiped up bathroom.
I have swept my floors carpets are next, sink was shining, morning dishes yet to do, folded 2 loads of laundry 1 morein dryer, will put away as soon as Adam gets up from nap. Wrote out Baby u addresses into my fly book. Look at my schedule for the week, wrote down a couple goals, looked for something to put into Body and Soul, still have to post that...has to wiat till Adam goes to sleep he tends to erase everything I write down.

Made out lists for the older boys, basic list and posted it on the back of kitchen door....starting them on the fly baby thing too....cleaned off 2 hot spots....dining room table and end table in living room did a 2 minute dash around house throwing things away...have to do the 27 fling boogie later....and its now 1045 good so far....I plan on getting out into my flower beds this afternoon so I can do some weeding also! Good luck everyone!!!!!!
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Woo-Hoo!! WTG everyone! You all are getting great starts. for Becky! I know.... I do that coffee thing WAY too often!

Well, for me, I've done absolutely NOTHING ~~

Ok... in all actuality.... got up at 8 am, got dressed -- down to the shoes. Washed face, brushed teeth & hair. Put in the contacts..
Went to tan. Ahhhhh.... 15 min. of warm bliss! Came home & plunked myself down at the 'puter. Checked emails... boy that FLYLADY works overtime, doesn't she? Now checking in here. Will start my Flybaby routine here soon. Already had my sink shiney & dishes done last night.

One quick question.... when you all joined FLYLADY... was it under the Flylady mentor? I couldn't find a specific Flybaby area... Maybe it's just my blonde streak coming out.... See... now ya know why I work nights... just can't function in the a.m.

Hey...My flybaby buddy, Bonnie... how are you doing?
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Shame on me I am so behind this morning! My buddy (Rebecca) is doing way better then I am today. The kids are all sick and I am behind with work. I did get the laundry going though that's a start I guess.
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Kate, don't worry...I always get tons done on Mondays because after the weeken I'm fed up with the mess, that's why o joined Flybabies....I need to be able to do what I wnat without the hassle and dperession of a messy house all the time. Been there last week with Adam being'll do just fine! Baby steps baby steps we cn do this!!!!!!!! I tend to overdue it and burn out so I am having to go back to baby steps today because my mind is going "oh I can do this and I can do that" then I look again and just don't want to do it so its calm down steps etc. Good lUck!
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Ok the only thing I tend not to do is put my shoes on in the am...I do put my slippers on....but I give everyone else in the house heck for wearing shoes....and we ahve hardwood I "adjusted" and do slippers but still get everything done--that and if I wore my shoes in the house all day my feet would feel really ucky by noon
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Glad to see everyone is doing good!! WTG Ladies!
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Shoes are very important ladies!!! (According to FLYlady ) I had a hard time getting used to it, but she insisted and I figured since so many people have so much success with her system that I would stick to it.....and I love wearing shoes!! It has made my feet soft and no longer calloused and I don't look so frumpy like I did when I wore my slippers (I used to wear nothing but slippers, they weren't pink and fuzzy they actually favored Birkenstocks) but lace up shoes tell my mind that I am ready to do anything!! I know I'm mental

I set my timer and did 15 minutes in the bathrooms, then 15 minutes of laundry, then 15 minutes rest, then 15 minutes of yard work (I swept the deck) and now I'm doing 15 minutes of BabyU time before lunch!!

I'm luvin' this!!!

I hope my Flybuddy is having a nice nite at work!
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That is a good idea of using a timer. I have one I think I'll use mine. Thanks Shiela!
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Roxanna, wanna be my flybaby buddy?

I wasn't going to start this until after we moved (since I am trying to pack and stuff). But then I thought, this might actually help me along. The house won't be spotless, but I can get into reoutines BEFORE we get into the new place, which will make it easier to keep that place clean.

Rick called to wake me up (late).
Got Drew up, fed, dressed and out the door on time.

Went back to bed (Ally had me up until after 3AM).

Ally wakes up, so I got her changed, gave her a poptart and put her down to watch Dora.
Went and got dressed and cleaned up (but no shoes - my feet get to hot)

Get on computer to catch up from having been off all weekend.
Pack a few boxes for the move.

Put first load of laundry in the washer
Make lunch for me and Ally

That's all for now.
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Brenda, you can do some 27-flings as you pack. I know I am and I don't have a date to leave yet!!

Becky, I am so sorry, hun. Hang in there. Once the routines are done, things do run smoother. And go ahead and try Flying at work. It sounds like it'll help you to stay focused mentally!!

2pm: by now I have showered, dressed to the lace-up sandles, drove to Chatt, talked to the director of genetics, ate lunch with Matt, drove to Boogies's school for her appointment, went home, changed into shorts, checked the machine while Boogies got the mail (got my book!!), called Daddy, made him two sandwiches, took them to him (Buddy's got Daddy's car since 9:30 so Daddy missed lunch), chatted with him about the dr's appointment in Chatt and my options for Brandon now, went to the bank to deposit the cash to cover the fund raiser checks, and came to the library to go online so that I am not at home when Matt gets out of his therapy appoinmtent. I was thinking it was from 1pm to 2pm and it's 2-3pm. Silly me.
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Dusted the living room, swept the capet (moved the couch out--have to under the chair, did under the puter desk and cleaned my desk off.

Made suntea.

Went for a walk.

Made sure the kids still had their rooms cleaned(not that Kelsey gets hers messy but Christian has a toy box in there right now.

And my sink is still shining.

But STILL no shoes. We don't wear them in the house and I probably won't start for FlyLady (sorry)

Heather you are doing great. LOL I couldn't put my shoes on the week I had Kels so I do understand where you are coming
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I agree with Wendy Heather!! And Wendy.....FLYlady will never know, I won't tell if you don't I was just amazed at how it helped me

Sandra, the timer wasn't my idea....not at all, its part of the FLYlady stuff. If ya'll haven't already, I recommend reading the stuff on the FLYlady website. Its very informative!

Baby Steps for me!
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Go Wendy!!! And everyone else too! It seems like we are all off to good starts...

I think I must be nesting because I want to get in there and deep clean, but I'm not. I don't want to burn out because I want this to actually work for me...

Since I last posted Tessa got up, I got her dressed and hair fixed. Fixed breakfast for her and Sara (a friend's child I am watching today thru Wednesday due to a death) and kept my sink clean. I am actually towel drying it after use like the directions say...

Did 15 minutes in the kitchen which consisted of cleaning of all my countertops and wiping them down.

Did a 5 minute run thru in the living room putting away videotapes that never make it away.

Got my formal dress ready for me to alter (although when I will find the time to do it this week I don't know).

Fed the Girls lunch and my sink is still shining as of right now!!

Now the girls are napping and I should be but my spot's full...
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Oh I'm here - sorry it took so long. But I'm on the west coast for one thing and I do daycare and can't usually get on the computer until after lunch.
My day so far: actually I stayed up until 12:30 last night crisis cleaning because I had someone come over for a interview today and I'm trying to get ready for Abby's birthday party on Thursday. So the house was pretty clean when I got up at 6:30. I had a shower, got dressed, had coffee and something to eat. Got the kids ready, took Conor to school. Morgan's Preschool had a field trip today so we spent the morning walking around a lake and playing in a park. We came home I made lunch, vacumed and had my interview! I'm just having a cup of tea and we have to go get Conor from school. Wait a minute - I just smelled something - I have to go change a diaper!

Way to go buddy - Kim! Keep up the good work!
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