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I laid down for a little while this afternoon. When I got up I did my mystery shopping paperwork, did a 5 minute run on the living room, vaccuum the living and dining room, took a basket of full clothes to upstairs to be put away during bedtime routine, easier that way because Brent can watch Adam for me and I can get it done without him "helping" me by undoing everything I folded. Defrosted dinner....wrote down a couple recipes I wan to try out on the kids....helped Alex do homework...he spends 15 mins when he gets home on homework and then another 15 mins at 7pm before he gets ready for bed.

I still have to do dishes but at this point I'm waiting till after I can go to bed with a shiny sink!!!!!!
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OK I posted on what I did before my school run...I ended up emptying the dishwasher before we left...

Came home and:
Decluttered Zone 5 (My living room)
Spent 5 minutes in my hot zone (kitchen counters)
Made breakfast for me and Liz
Spent 5 minutes in another hot zone (the closet with all our shoes)
Came on Baby U
Called my lawyer re: my accident from 1 1/2 years ago--left message

Went and did my shop run and came home:
Made lunch for me and Liz
Cleaned my kitchen
Sinks are shining still

Went and did my afternoon shop return adn school run

Now I am home and goign to make supper and start on my evening ritual
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Bill cleaned the kitchen for me, but I shined the sink!

Went to the grocery store to pick up the last of the things we needed to stock up on. Spent too much, as usual. (But I did put my shoes on for this! Hehe!)

Get home from grocery shopping, unload car and put everything away. Whew!
Total up Pampered Chef Party, make notes to call to host tonight.
Dusted computer room with new feather duster!

Get on computer to update this

While I was gone, Bill did 2 loads of Drew's laundry for me and folded Ally's, so I will be putting that away tonight.
Tisha (friend) will be here soon so I can help her with her research paper.
Have to make car payment online tonight.
Get deposit ready for tomorrow.
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Ooooh! I wanna join. I saw the post yesterday but couldn't decide if I wanted to do it. You guys are getting a lot done though, so I need to join
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Amy I'll get you a buddy as soon as possible , If you want to PM someone for encouragement or help in the meantime, please feel free to PM me. Just remember I live in Australia tho and I am about 14 hours ahead of you, and as I work nights I may not be able to answer straight away but I will do my very best.
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ARRRRGGGGG DH couldn't figure out why I was getting mad tongiht....I cooked dinner, was done shortly after he came home....well he was sitting down while I had to set the table...then I did dishes....then I decided to clean dd's carseat from the bus it was bad....well I went to pull out the vaccuum so I coudl vacuum some of the guck out of it....had to empty it.....then the garbage can fell over....I was getting PISSED....because dh is sitting on teh couch saying why are you doing all this now??? I supposed to vaccuum while dd is sleeping???? She has not had a nap today so with anyluck she will go to bed early.....ARRGGGGGG@!@!!!! sorry this has turned into a rant more than anything...but I did my 5 minute rescue on the living room....

My dishwasher is going
I am washing Liz's that is my laundry
I am going to lay out Liz's things for tomorrow as well as mine
my sink is shinning (although its only 7pm...Brian is not home from work I KNOW that will change)
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Ok here is my 'report' lol

On my way home from work I stopped at the supermarket to grab a few things. got home put them away. Hung up my keys, unpacked my back, refilled water bottles, put them back in bag, along with clean rags.

Put a load in the dryer, one in the washer and folded the one that was already in the dryer. Ironed my uniform for tonight, and laid out the rest of my clothes for tonight. Put the next lot of washing in the dryer.

Cleared and cleaned kitchen benchs, cleaned stove top properly (Des trys but...... and he was not here to see me redo it ), emptied rubbish, shined sinks and stainless steel part of the bench - I have 1 and 1/2 kitchen sinks - put baking soda and vinegar down the kitchen plugholes to clean them out. Was going to wipe cupboard fronts and the fridge down but Des had already done it Oh yeah he also put meat out to defrost for dinner, that man is really trying to FLY, gotta him.

Put snack out for the kids when they get home from school (covered with plastic wrap of course)

I'm going to see how it goes with having my shower at night when I get up, I may switch to having a bath in the morning as that may help me relax enough to sleep. Here it is 12.30 already and the kids will be home at 4pm.
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Oh yeah, I gotta get my Insulan back on track, with the weird hours I work I keep forgetting to take it............ for a couple of days at a time, my blood sugars are horrible and I am constantly tired, nauseous and thirsty. So I am going to work that into my daily routine as well.
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you silly girl for not taking your we need to give you a daily reminder
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ok here's my rest of the day:

dinner, did all the dishes, shining sink.
Helped Alex with book report, swept floors again, took a bath, wiped down the sink and toilet. Picked up living room for bedtime routine, put away 2 loads of laundry actually 3 since one basket was so full it was falling over have another in the dryer for tomorrow, went outside for 20 mins to pull a few weeds in my flower garden, now I'm here trying to relax while Brent is upstairs waiting...I need a little me time I hear him coming down guess I better go spend "minutes" with him

See ya tomorrow

Maree, take care of yourself DON'T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR INSULIN!!!!!!!
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Ok it,s 9:45 and I'm off to bed. My sink is shiny, laundry is all put away, floors are swept, dishes are in the dishwasher waiting for breakfast dishes so I can start it, coffee pot is ready for me to just plug it in, and clothes are ready for tomorrow.
Good night everyone!

PS Maree take your insulin!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Maree.....did you take your insulin??

I made the mistake of turning on third watch before I went to bed last night.....I had every intention of just readign a couple of pages in mybook and then gonig to bed.....didn't happen...third watch was a REALLY good one....and now I HAVE to watch it next week

Ok its Tuesday morning...I woke up in a bad mood because it seems unless I do it no one can be botehred to set up the coffee pot SO i am sitting here waiting for the coffee pot...and instead of 2 cups of coffee...I will only get one

I am dressed , washed, shoes on
NO appointments today
no hot spots yet
its too early to think of supper
and too early to clean my living room
oh yeah and too early to eat breaky
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I have done absolutely nothing except get the kids off to school. Now that Brandon is on the bus (who was running late) I can eat and shower and get things done.
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I didn't get up until 10pm, I got up at 4pm, gave the kids a small pack of chips each (they are collecting the disc's in the packets, I found the last two bayblades (tk) packets in the shop and two dragonballz ones(rick). Went back to bed (the kids told me too ) Des woke me at 6pm and asked did I want dinner or sleep, I choose sleep. so got up had dinner, set the VCR to tape Buffy. Got dressed, made my lunch and having a few minutes of BabyU time before I go to work.

PS: Took long acting Insulan this morning, and I'm going to take my short acting Insulan in a minute bc I forgot it before, something reminded me tho

Going to turn Dishwasher on before I go and my sink is shiney

Just got to set up a couple of Buddy sets and I'm done
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I was a bad flybaby yesterday afternoon. We took Michael to the pediatrician for an appt. I left the house at 1 PM and we did not get back until after 6 PM.

It was so crowded at the pediatrician's office and waiting for the prescriptions. We got Long John Silver's fish to eat and I had to clean up the mess the workcrew left behind! There were nails and pieces of wood all over the patio area and they even tracked in stuff in the living room.

After cleaning all that up I was too tired to do my Flybaby stuff.
Please forgive me...
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Sandra, honey, you don't have to ask us to forgive you, you have done nothing wrong!!! The important thing is that today is another day and you are never behind, you can join in where you are!!

Ladies, reading over this made me teary (I am a very emotional person, please excuse me) but I am sooooo proud of everyone!! Some of you have obstacles in your life that make FLYing even more challenging and you are all overcoming everything to make your homes a safe haven.....and there are so many shiney sinks!!!! Everyone deserves a round of applause for the FABULOUS effort that was put into our first day....go ahead, look at your moniter and SMILE....really GRIN, like from ear to ear...we are doing sooooo good!!!

Now for my report I did FLY all day yesterday! No problems, I even ventured away from my BABY STEPS a couple of times to take big steps but I did so bad on my diet so I have gotten up this morning in a terribly depressed mood. I am working on changing it
I'm off to set my timer
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Thanks Shiela,

I feel better now! You are right today is another day and I can fly!
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Well, so far I haven't gotten too much done the boys had a late arrival. I have a shiny sink, i've done my paperwork for the day, sson to check out my shops site to see if there are any more jobs for this month, talked to grandma to see what i have to do over there tomorrow, made out my shopping list for Walmart tomorrow. checked my appointment book, cleaned up after breakfast.

I still need to do a little laundry but Adam was not a good sleeper last night and he's sleeping right now so in a bit I'm gonna lay down too...I have the rest of the day...oh I did clean up a hot spot and did a 15 minute roundup...guess I am doing ok....want to mop kitchen and bathroom floors today when I have time later on.

I needed a me day since the rest of the week is very very busy, tomorrow I'll be lucky to even get on here until after 7pm so if you don't see me don't worry, I'm FLYing at Grnadmas and doing shops and Walmart. Thursday is a "free" day so to speak, not going anywhere so that's my catch up day...but there will be no dirty dishes when I leave this house tomorrow morning Then Friday the boys have their annual Spring Fling so I'll be gone alot then too......anyway good luck to all I'm proud to see everyone doing good.....

SANDRA as far as I'm concerened you did do some FLYing yesterday wouldn't you call the "construction" area for now a "HOT SPOT"? Just thought if you looked at it that way you'd see that you did do some FLYing yesterday
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I am doing good today got a good start on the laundry. The 15 min I spent in the twins' room was all it took to get it clean! Going to finish the dishes and shine the sink and that is probably all I will get done today because I have a ton of appointments to get to later today.
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Here is what I have done today
woke up 5:30am--dressed, hair and shoes
Checked Calendar--No appointments today
Checked hotspots-no fires--yet except Liz's room but she is still sleeping
Dinnner-took chicken out of freezer

OUt for my morning school run

Home--oh yeah forgot...I had my kitchen sink shining whenI went to bed...but someone left a dirty bowl and stuff in teh sink!!! (the f**** dishwasher is EMPTY!!!! (got me off to a bad start)

Went to the bathroom--Liz peed on the potty Noticed that room mate had a bath with bathsalts...left a mess in the tub

No laundry to do yet
Took my break on baby u
played with Liz
Decluttered my living room (15 minutes)
Hot SPot--lizs room--5 minutes

also went through a tote FULL of baby clothes....we are having a garage sale in a couple of trying to get things sorted...wahtever does not sell will be donated

All this is before 10:30am
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I got up late at 8 AM.

Washed up, dressed to the shoes
brought down laundry for the day
check appts

8:30 AM
Greet workcrew that is remodeling our patio/sunroom
Check Hot Spots
set aside what's for dinner
Declutter for 15 minutes
check email for FLYLady reminders and print out stuff for my FLYLADY book that I made for myself.

9:00 AM Tim orders breakfast for us. "yum yum!"
laundry where is it?
I am weating my shoes!

9:30 reboot laundry

10 AM We took a walk around the neighborhood. The workcrew in our apartment is making quite abit of noise with their nail gun and hammers so Tim thought it would be a good idea to get out of the house.

It kept me from my FLYBABY chores but my family comes first so we took the walk. WE went by the thift store and got Michael 3 dress shirts and a book for $7.50.

Tim bought me a beautiful garden tote that is semi transparent with roses on it. It has a matching coin purse and sunglass tote.

I am now playing catch up on my FLYBABY morning. Got the laundry half way done and I am decluttering the kitchen. I can't clean my flyzone[living room) until the workcrew leaves for the day because thye are tracking in dirt and coming in and out the front door with the insulation for the sunroom/patio room/or whatever you want to call it.

I think I can catchup but I am way behind today.
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Here is what I can do if I cannot do my zone,

I can declutter Michael's play pen that we used as a toy bin.
It is in the living room so I guess it can count as my working on my zone.
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Ok--I've got a question about this morning routine thing. I get up, get dressed and out the door before DH ever gets out of bed. So, I can't very well make the bed with him in it. Should I do somethign else in its place?
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you can always do it later
or get him to do it
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or even better what I did this morning...I made my side of the bed...even while dh was still sleeping
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Or push him out!! Make him sleep on top of the made-up bed!!

Sorry. *breathe deep* under control, I think.

OK, since I crawled out of bed at 7am:

*got all three kids to school
*washed dinner's dishes and shined the sink
*cleaned the bath while washing C's hair
*got Boogies from school 2 hrs early 'cause they said she's got lice
*took 3 seperate naps
*listened to all of HP2 and Monsters, Inc and half of Patch's London Adventure (most of HP2 while I napped)
*washed three loads of clothes and hung them up inside to dry
*tested out one of the bubble solutions I made; works great!
*punished the kids with grounding (that's not working) because they got into the icing TWICE
*avoided thinking about dinner
*ignoring all of Angela's screeching and yelling
*ignoring all of Brandon's and Caitlyn's mean actions towards Angela
*swept all of the kids' toilet paper mess back into their bedroom
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Sandra, Rebecca is right! You did FLY yesterday!! and WTG Rebecca- what a beautiful attitude You are FLYing!!
Sandra, the idea of FLYing is to be able to have that time with our families...our homes didn't get this way overnight...BABYSTEPS! Way to
Kate great job on the twins room! In 15 minutes
Keep FLYing!!!
Michelle, you just keep shining that sink and if someone keeps putting dirty dishes in it, we'll send Roxanna up there You are really FLYing girl making the bed with DH still in it
Dina, your morning routine should be whatever fits your lifestyle - I like the idea of having DH do it -- Help Bob to FLY with you
Jennifer (KneeCole) sounds like you have your hands full!! Congrats on FLYing with your hands full!!!

Enjoy your FLIGHT everyone!!!
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As for me.....I got a late start today, I woke depressed about my diet yesterday

But I did FLY yesterday and I have been FLYing today, but I still haven't done any decluttering or 27 fling boogies..just up and dressed to the shoes, shiney sink all day and night last night, all three beds made, very little time on BabyU and now I'm off to have dinner and go outside and cut some grass.
I can do anything for 15 minutes

Good Wednesday morning to my FLYbuddy!!! Hope you had a good night!
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I got my *cough* messy house *cough* pictures up!!

the page

If you can check out today's entry into my journal, it'll explain a bit about a couple of the pics. I will warn ya, tho. The page is picture heavy, so give it a few minutes to open up.
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No flying here today.... got home late this a.m. from work... had a battle of the wits with a pg test.. AND LOST! Checked in at Baby U, put the dishes in the dishwasher, washed my face, brushed my teeth & went to sleep about 12:30 pm. Got up about 5 pm.... had another battle of the wits & I think I lost again! DH decided he needed to eat dinner... who'da thunk so we raided the fridge for leftovers, then put the dishes in the dishwasher, shined the sink & here I am. Gonna finish here at Baby U & take another little nap. Have to work again at 11 pm. Uggh... I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB...
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