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Need a creative idea!!

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I am going to a baby shower, actually , I am kinda helping with it, and I need a cool gift idea. This couple has already had a shower and this one is just about 10 really close friends. Anyway, I want to do some kind of a basket or something and I have good ideas but I need help in how to present them.
I thought about doing a baby bath "basket" but they already have a tub. My first idea was to put a bunch of bath items in a tub and present the gift that way. So I need an idea here of what I can put the stuff in. I would really like something more creative than just a regular basket though I am not opposed as a last resort.
Then I thought a toy basket would be cool. Again, what could I use other than a basket to put the toys in??
My last idea was a feeding "basket" with sppons, bibs, ya know, all that good stuff.
So, if anyone has any good ideas let me know. I am kind of stuck right now. Thanks
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I have done a basket type gift for every shower I go to - Ilove them!

A toy box - they have small wooden ones at K-mart, Target etc. I have filled the bottom with a blanket and toys etc.

The feeding Basket - use the Fischer Price booster chair with tray it is blue and red chair with yellow tray. set the chair on top of a few yards of tooling from the fabric store, fill the seat with spoons, sippy cups, bottles, bowls, bibs, animal crackers, gerber foods, anything then gather the tool up and around the chair to hold everything in secure with a rubber band and then tie with a wide bow - Everyone Loved this gift & it was the talk of the whole shower!

I also have done a bath basket in a baby laundry basket. HAMCO makes bibs, hooded towels, burp clothe, onsies to match in packets of threes. I bought one pack of each in the same color green, blue, pink and then put all the othe little bath items in around those as the focus. another hugh hit!

Good luck I hope this helps!
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You could also do the bath basket in an old style metal washtub. That way they can also take pix of the baby in it.
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I, too, like to use a tub and fill it. But recently, I went to a shower and wrapped everything in a Receiving blanket. I laid the blanket on the ground, filled it with undershirts, shampoo, wipes, soothers, etc. I then gathered it at the top and pinned it with diaper pins. That way, everything was useful.

Just an idea...
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I saw this recently in a magazine. They made a "cake" out of disposable diapers and stuck rattles, lotion, powder, etc. on it for decorations. I will try to see if I can find a picture and scan it in. I can't remember all of the details, but it was really cute.

I also went to a shower for a lady I worked with where they made things like rosettes out of baby socks and bunnies out of baby washcloths to decorate the tables and packages.
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