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Luvs Diapers

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I have been using Luvs diapers on Hailey pretty much (off & on since I tried all of them to see what I likes best) since she was born and have had no problems til recently. They had become my favorite.
It seems that since they went to the "cloth-like cover" she has kept a diaper rash. She has never had one til about 2 weeks ago---right after we bought a new pack. I switched up with some generic ones that I had and the rash got better so I went back to the Luvs last night. WELL
the rash is back worse than ever.
I am so upset about this!

Is any one else experiencing this????
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Ayla gets a rash if I use anything but Pampers Premium.

No offense, but Luvs never worked for us, too thin, and crimps up her little chubby legs......maybe they put some added fragrqnce or something in the diaper that is new and irritating. That is terrible. I guess you'll have to switch brands...

Hope she feels better soon!

ps- thx so much for signing Ayla's guest book and the sweet words!
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I have always liked Luvs and not had any problem with them. I just heard that they switched to the cloth-like cover. We don't have them in stores yet here (or at least not that I've seen yet.) I will be on the look out though.
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I went out and bought some Huggies yesterday and guess what??? The rash is about gone. That figures since I just bought 2 big packs of Luvs a few days ago. I guess I am going to see if I can take them back and exchange them for others...
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Yup, they will, esp. if you bring the baby, too......"these give her a rash.... " and they will exchange for you. I am glad it is better!
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THAT SUX! Sorry for the bluntness, but I hate those other diapers! If I wanted cloth-like diapers, I'd buy Huggies or Pampers! I can't believe that they changed them. I'm furious! I'm going to write them a letter ... not that they care. But it will make me feel better! Sigh ....
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There were coupons in the Sunday paper for Luvs and they announced their NEW Clothlike Cover! I thought of you when I read it
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That is awful that they switched to the lcloth like cover! Last time I bought a pack they were plastic and still are here for the time being!

Maybe we all need to buy Dawn the plastic LUVS diapers for this baby so she can have them especially since I know how much she loves LUVS!

Fortunatly I have not had to buy diapers since February! My FIL worked beside a diaper factory and half of it caught on fire. But they had to get rid of all the diapers whether they were ruined or not and my FIL got enough to put Christian in diapers til he is out of them! I am excited! They are not named brand though but for FREE I don't care!!!!
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Pampers is switching their Baby Dry Diaper to a cloth like cover to! I guess there is no escaping it, LOL! I'd watch out with Huggies, they did the same thing to Devon(a bad rash). Plus they leave this gel like stuff on their bum. I hope the rash gets/stays better!
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I'm glad you said that, Tara. I knew that one of them left that gel stuff but could not remember which one.
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Yeah, that is why I don't like Huggies, usually it will be the morning diaper that was worn all night that leaves the gel-goo on them, but Huggies does it to me all the time, even with a little pee-pee diaper. Ew!
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I think it depends with Huggies. We used Huggies before we got the brand we have now and they never left the gel on Christian.

Pampers fact it was the first brand I ever tried that left it. So it may depend on the baby.....not sure though.

With diapers you have to shop around and find the brand that works! Sucks that you have to spend so much money to find a diaper that works though!!!
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I don't mean to offend anyone who uses luvs, but in my opinion I think they're so cheap. I bought a pack due to my b/f cousin telling me that they were good and as soon as my little one takes a leak I have to change him right away because it doesn't hold much. By using luvs I would go through 1 pack a day. My advice is that you should try pampers baby-dry or premium or huggies. They are so good and with sales and coupons you can save yourself a bunch. They work perfect for me.
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I love Huggies, not only because they work really well for Alexander, but I love the cloth cover. I really don't like the plastic cover other diapers have.

But recently, we went to get diapers and they didn't have Huggies in Al's size, so instead of driving to another store, we decided to get Luvs. I now love them!! They work wonderfully for Alexander and they aren't as bulky as Huggies were and now that he's starting to walk, that's better for him.

So, needless to say, I'm excited that Luvs has come out with a cloth cover and can't wait for them to get here. And as for the gel problem, we never had one. Like someone said, you just have to shop around to find a diaper that works for you.
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