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Baby Shower Games?

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Shari and I are throwing our sister a baby shower next month - I love having games at baby shower's to break the ice and have some fun, so I volunteered to coordinate and lead the games - I prob only want to do 1 or 2 - here are some ideas

1. Dirty Diapers

Fold white napkins or cloth into little diapers and close with small diaper pin. Hand one out to each attendee when he/she arrives. At the end of the party, each attendee opens his/her diaper and the one with the brown "poop" spot wins a prize. Cynthia suggests that you use an unwrapped Hershey's chocolate kiss for the "poop." Great idea!
Before the party: Take ten disposable diapers (number doesn't matter) and number the outside from one to ten. Then smear the inside of each with some smelly food item (i.e. tuna, horseradish, Italian dressing, garlic, mustard) Close each diaper up.
To play: Pass out paper and pens. Each diaper is then passed around for the players to smell. The one with the most correct guesses wins! Stephanie played this at her shower and got some great pictures of people holding the smelly diapers up to their nose.
In this version, the guessers try to determine what candy bar Daddy let the baby have last night while Mom was out! Melt 8 different candy bars (Snickers, Butterfinger, Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth, etc.) in the microwave in 8 different diapers. Hint: do not melt the chocolate too much, just enough for it to soften and then smear it inside the diaper. Make sure the host/hostess numbers each diaper and tracks which chocolate bar went in it. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

2. Baby Draw
Have the attendees draw a picture of a baby. But instead of holding the paper on their laps, they have to put the paper on their heads! Use a paper plate or magazine under the paper to ease the drawing. The guest of honor picks the one she likes best or most resembles a baby. Funny!

3. Baby Word Scramble Game
Pick 10 or so words related to babies and scramble the letters. Photocopy the scrambled words on a sheet of paper for each party attendee. Give a time limit of about 5 minutes for each person to try to unscramble the words. (Sample: Sitbenas -
Bassinet, Searance - Cesarean.

4. Stork Bingo
This game works like regular bingo, but instead of using the word "bingo" across the top of the card, use the word "stork" instead. Also use baby words such as bassinet, crib, bottle, etc., for the content of the card.
Use a bingo card without the numbers. Each guest writes what he/she thinks the mother-to-be will be getting as gifts. As the mom opens her gifts, the attendees mark it off their card if they have it. When the card is full (or a line in any direction is a smaller party), the guest yells BINGO and wins.

5. A Mother's Purse
Read of a list of items and each attendee tries to find it in her purse. You can assign a number of points for each item (the more unusual the item, the higher number of points). The person with the most points wins. Hint: Best for an all woman shower, especially when most are moms!
Ideas for items are: A crayon and paper, Something that is pink, A safety pin, Something that is blue, A baby toy, A picture of children or a baby, A wet wipe, A picture of a mother, Invitation to the shower, etc) Kind of like Let's Make a Deal!

Which game do you like best?
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Mother's Purse!
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I like the diaper one witht he candy bars! I played that at a baby shower once and it was so funny...people were even tasting it!
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Dirty Diapers and A Mother's Purse!
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Eww Meagan!!!

Thanks guys!
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