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Survivor Pool Thread

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We've got 17 people to be matched up to the remaining 17 Survivors.
Here are the names of the people playing and which Survivor they are paired up to:

FYI ~ There could be some potential SPOILERS....

Chapera Tribe:

*Jennifer Gorski ~ Rob C.X
*Anastasia ~ Tom
*Simmone ~ Alicia
*Joy ~ Amber
*Krista ~ Rob M.
LuAnn ~ Susan X
*Becca ~ Jenna L.
*Amy (ajg99_98) ~ Rupert

Saboga Tribe:
*Elaine ~ Rudy X
1st Voted Off ~ Tina X

Mogo Mogo Tribe:

*Karen (DQKaren) ~ Colby X
*Sandy (Indigo) ~ Jenna M. X
*Bonnie ~ LexX
*Judy (Zyrilia) ~ Richard X
*Heather (LittleBit) ~ Shii Ann
*Andrea (Spungy) ~ Kathy
*JenniferS. ~ Ethan X
*Nicole ~ Jerri X


Marco and I put all the names of the Survivors into a bowl and names were drawn at random (by Marco, so blame him, lol).

Everyone is to put in $3 USD each. I have set up a PayPal account, so you can send your payment to:

I think PayPal would be the quickest, but for those that don't have PayPal, let me know and we can make other arrangements.

There are 15 episodes of Survivor left. Tina was the first Survivor voted out. We have left her name out of the pool (obviously). Each BabyU player will be paired up with a Survivor. Once your Survivor is voted out, so are you. At the end, the Sole Survivor wins $1 million. Our BabyU Sole Survivor will win $51 USD.

Here are a couple of links that might be of importance:

Survivor @


Survivor Popularity Results

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Gotcha - on my way to send ya $$
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money will be on its way.. how much is it in Canuck money? five i bet eh?
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$4.00CDN Andrea!
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Leah, I'll get the payment sent tomorrow...I'm on dial up at home and it takes forever!
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Aw, I thought that I was on the roster to play too. That's okay though, looks like you have just enough to play. Good luck everyone!
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Cool! I'll send you some money
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I just submitted my payment.
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I'll pay this morning!
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I will send you the $.
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I sent mine!
Survivor is on tonight isn't it? There isn't much time to get this going.
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I sent the money
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Just sent mine!
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Tell Marco thanks! I really have confidence in Rupert this time!!
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Hey is my Jenna the mouthy one? I hate her!
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Jenna's the perky one. Jerri and ALicia are both mouthy. I don't think I have a chance to win...I've got Ethan. He's nice to look at, but I don't think they'll let him win a second time.

Thanks for organizing this, Leah!
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ok, i've signed up with paypal... as soon as i can i will send my money!
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UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I can't do the paypal thing!!
I signed up and everything and it wouldn't let me send anything. Said I needed to spend $1.95 to get the enhansed version. So I finally broke down and got the enhansed version and now it says I have to wait until I get my next credit card statement and enter the 4 #code. I don't know what to do!!!
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Marco, I wanted rupert

it's ok, I guess I can't wish for jerri to be voted out now can I?? at least not if I want to win!
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Going to pay right now!
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LEAH *insert middle name here* RYDEN!! I told you that you didn't hafta worry about me being on the roster now. I will feel take your name back, gal!
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Nope hun, you're in! Don't you worry about a thing! Really, I'm already participating in a pool anyway. I'd rather not give myself 2 chances to win, when I can give you a chance to too!

Hope that's okay!
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Sorry Elaine!
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Eh, It's okay. I Kinda had a feeling that he was going this week because of the previews they were showing.
When I read the PM that said I was Rudy, I told DH it sucked I wasn't going to be in the pool very long. Oh well, someone had to get the 75 yr old crotchety man.
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I really thought my Ethan was a goner. Sorry Elaine!
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Sorry Elaine
Leah, if you 100% sure then I will do it...I just don't want to take the fun out of it for was your idea for the pool in the 1st place!
Let me know what your paypal addy is then and i will wire you the money.
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Krista honey, I'm sure!
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I've sent my money Leah!
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Where do I send the money, gal?
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