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Sorry JenG
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WHEW! I really thought that Jerri was going to quit and I was gonna be out of it!

GO JERRI!!!!!!!

oh yeah..................

Go Rupert!!!!!!!!!!!! (he's still my fave to win!!!)
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Well, I guess I'm out... that's OK. I couldn't stand him!
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Sorry Jody! I couldn't stand him either! I think that it was just sickening what he did during that challenge!
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Yeah Richard is out!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Judy, but I couldn't stand him either!

Did anyone see the previews for next week? What's up with Sue?
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So, what exactly did he do during that challenge? And not defending him here, but why couldn't Sue have just gone a different path? I mean, it's not like that was the only way she could have gone, and she HAD to have seen Naked Boy over there.
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He said something like "you want some of this?? " while he was kinda shaking. We missed it so we had to rewind it and listen real hard.
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I missed last nights show, except for the last 15 min. so I didn't see any of the challenges.

Is that why Sue is so upset in next weeks preview?
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That is sexual harrassment! IMO I think that Richard should have been reprimanded for that! C'mon, put some pants on already!! That's just gross! Maybe Sue is still mad about what happened and is telling Jeff off b'cuz of it? But Richard is gone now so who knows!
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If he shook his wee-knee at me I'd rip it off!
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Me too, Becca! Although the thought of touching his 'weenie' does not thrill me very much!LOL!
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I told Jim that someone should have challenged him, and than squeezed real hard!!! Maybe then he would leave his damn pants on!
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i am so happy to see Richard gone!!

i hate those blurry things they put up.. not that i wanted to see him, but them blurries drive me nuts!
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Yeah Krista it doesn't thrill me, either, but I could wrap a leaf around my hand or something, ana maybe put some stickies on it for even more pain power!
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@ Becca
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I am so glad that he is gone...he was driving me nuts.......(no pun intended )
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another one bites the dust eh?
post #52 of 94 do you think she is gonna sue him and actually win?? That was a different show, kinda disappointing.

On another note......I think they were talking about Jerri in the preview for the next show! I hope she doesn't bite the dust, she's been good so far and has kept her mouth shut Good girl.... she wants to win me some money
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I missed it, who got voted off?
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Spoiler Warning!


Becca, Sue quit because of what Richard did last week, so they didn't have to vote.
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I'm still in then!
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What is with all these quiters??? This is getting a little ridiculous! First Jenna and now Sue!?

This is not making the game very fun! I wanna see some tribal councils!!
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B/c they're all
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i agree that these quitters are making the show alot more boring than it should be. But at least Cathy is hanging in there so far
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I think Sue knew she didn't have chance of winning and was looking for a reason to leave. What Richard did was wrong, but I think she spent too much time thinking about it and letting it eat away at her.

It makes me mad that there were previous Survivors that I really liked who didn't get on to this show, and Sue and Jenna M. wasted those spots that they could have had.
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I too think that Sue knew that she wasn't going to win. I kinda think that she is making it into more just for the cameras so that it looks good when she tries to sue Richard.
But I don't know, it was really gross what Richard did! But I don't think that I would have cried about it for 24hrs! I felt so sorry for Jeff last night! Doggoneit, his face looked so sad..and he is just too cute to look so sad!
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