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Krista! I thought the same thing about Jeff. It just made me want to give him a hug and a great big kiss.

I just want to say I can not stand Boston Rob! I didn't like him the first time, and I really hate him this time. I hope someone catches on to him soon and votes him off, then votes his little follower Amber off right after him.
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I think maybe after thinking about it over night she got worried about what her husband would say since she didn't act all that offended when it happened. Infact she used to joke with him all the time about his penis and basically just brushed it off when he did it. I think that overnight she realized that she needed to act like it really upset her so her husband doesn't think the wrong thing when he watches it. Maybe thinking about all that got her upset to the point that she quit but I really doubt she felt so violated and disgusted that she couldn't continue. She doesn't get to go home when she quits the game. Infact, I think she had to go back to a "holding area" where Hatch probably already was until the show's taping was over.

I felt bad for Jeff too and I think all these quitters are ruining the show.
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Very true, Elaine! The after show is going to be very interesting this year!

Jennifer-don't say that about Rob! He's my Survivor Pool guy!LOL! I wanna win! But I know that he won't cuz he is too cocky and I betcha that he gets voted off soon.
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Krista, I forgot Rob was your guy. You have my sympathy! I know my guy (Ethan) doesn't have a chance of winning, but he's easy to root for.

Another one who drives me nuts is Shii Ann. Whoever has her has my sympahy also.
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Yeah, I can't stand her either. I think that Ethan is a lil cutie too, just wish that he would cut that hair!LOL!
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Do youthink that the producers arranged for these things to happen? Other than the Jenna, since her mother was sick, but the stupid fights and Sues production?

I still need to send my $3 in. I keep forgetting. I am already out of it anyway since Rob C is gone! I like Rob C, I think he is sexy.
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I love Rob C. He's so darn funny! I was really mad when they voted him off.
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I agree, Jeff is a hottie, but he is doing too many survivors in hot places He's starting to get wrinkly and look old!

I think there's gonna be some twist that'll bring back other survivors, cause I agree, this is getting boring.
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I think they're going to bring some of the others back too, especially since they had people quit.
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sorry Jennifer!!! It was sad to see Ethan go!
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there was supposed to be a twist, did any of you see a twist?
pretty normal episode to me
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I think the "twist" is next week.
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*this is me throwing a fit on the floor*

*this is me with Jerri's head*

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sorry nicole!
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well we got the twist alright!

so, now who am i supposed to cheer for :bawl:
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Who got booted? I missed it!
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I really don't like anybody who's left, except Rupert, and I really don't think he has a chance to win.
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Aw Thanks for letting me know!
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I still LOVE Boston Rob. I was cracking up at him last night. He has GOT to win.

Hey Krista, we can go to dinner when you win.
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You got it, Gal!
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I still think that Boston Rob is the Devil himself, with a New York accent. He's starting to rank down there with Johnny Fairplay, to me.

Boston Rob may have made a huge mistake. We now know there are 2 people on the jury that vehemently hate him. All they have to do is talk to 2 others, and there's a majority (4 of 7 jury votes wins it). If he had kept Lex through one immunity, then got rid of him, it wouldn't have been so bad.

First time Rob loses immunity, it's over for him, I fear. He's pi$$ed off too many people.
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I still think that Boston Rob is the Devil himself, with a New York accent.
There is no way possible somebody as slimy as him will win. The bad guy always loose out in the end!

I don't really care for Amber either. RUpert is my favorite to win .. I'd even like to see Big Tom get the $$
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big tom or rupert are my new ones i guess....
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OK, I have only one thing to say.

I don't like either Rob or Amber. Why people did vote Rob off when they had the chance, I'll never understand.
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So who had Amber? Who won??
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Joy won I think!
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Whooo hoooo!! WTG Joy!!
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WTG Joy .. so what 'cha going to do with the money?!?!?
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WTG Joy!!
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Congratulations Joy!!!

I will PM ya' about your winnings!
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