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Baby Shower Idea

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If you don't like a baby shower with just all women...invite couples. Or you can throw a party after the baby comes so that everyone can see your little
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I love the meet and greet idea!!!
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My baby shower was after. Like 2 days after I got out of the hospital I wa tired and sore. But it was supposed to have been the week before she was due but she came early! It was so much fun having her there - especially since my friends didn't even know I had had her!
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around here we always have the shower after the baby is born.. usually around a month after.... so mom and baby are both adjusted well....

i dont' get having the shower before... seems strange to me
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We had a jack and jill baby shower, I liked the idea of Scott being able to celebrate with his friends too ; we had a pool party/bbq baby shower and I loved it! The guys played sports while us gals opened the presents!
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I am making plans for my own baby shower and I plan on inviting guys too.
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That's a great idea! We had several couple's showers before Darien was born and they worked out nicely.
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