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There have always been and always will be ignorant, uneducated, biased, bigoted, cruel people in the world and, sad to say, there's not much that can be done about that. We can try and teach everyone right from wrong, try to teach tolerance and understanding, try to teach everyone that the color of our skin, the religion we practice, where we live, the jobs we have don't make us superior or inferior to everyone else but there is always going to be at least one person who doesn't learn those things, who continues to try and spread their hate.

I feel for those that have suffered because of the evil in the world, but I believe that there are more good people in the world than there are bad people and trust that they will overcome in the end. I am sure there are some that will try to use this movie to further their hate but hopefully the rest of us will resist them and use the movie as, I think, Mel Gibson meant it to be - to help us understand the suffering of Christ and move closer to him.
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I got this moving e-mail yesterday about ...

 Paul Harvey Comments on "The Passion" by Mel Gibson

 The majority of the media are complaining about this movie. Now Paul Harvey tells "The rest of the story" and David Limbaugh praises Gibson. Most people would wait and see a movie before giving the reviews that have been issued by the reporters trying to tell all of us what to believe.

 Paul Harvey's words:

I really did not know what to expect. I was thrilled to have been invited to a private viewing of Mel Gibson's film "The Passion," but I had also read all the cautious articles and spin. I grew up in a Jewish town and owe much of my own faith journey to the influence. I have a life long, deeply held aversion to anything that might even indirectly encourage any form of anti-Semitic thought, language or actions.

 I arrived at the private viewing for "The Passion", held in Washington DC and greeted some familiar faces. The environment was typically Washingtonian, with people greeting you with a smile but seeming to look beyond you, having an agenda beyond the words. The film was very briefly introduced, without fanfare, and then the room darkened. From the gripping opening scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, to the very human and tender portrayal of the earthly ministry of Jesus, through the betrayal, the arrest, the scourging, the way of the cross, the encounter with the thieves, the surrender on the Cross, until the final scene in the empty tomb, this was not simply a movie; it was an encounter, unlike anything I have ever experienced.

In addition to being a masterpiece of film-making and an artistic triumph, "The Passion" evoked more deep reflection, sorrow and emotional reaction within me than anything since my wedding, my ordination or the birth of my children. Frankly, I will never be the same. When the film concluded, this "invitation only" gathering of "movers and shakers" in Washington, DC were shaking indeed, but this time from sobbing. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the place. The crowd that had been glad-handing before the film was now eerily silent. No one could speak because words were woefully inadequate. We had experienced a kind of art that is a rarity in life, the kind that makes heaven touch earth.

One scene in the film has now been forever etched in my mind. A brutalized, wounded Jesus was soon to fall again under the weight of the cross. His mother had made her way along the Via Della Rosa. As she ran to him, she flashed back to a memory of Jesus as a child, falling in the dirt road outside of their home. Just as she reached to protect him from the fall, she was now reaching to touch his wounded adult face. Jesus looked at her with intensely probing and passionately loving eyes (and at all of us through the screen) and said "Behold I make all things new." These are words taken from the last Book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelations.

 Suddenly, the purpose of the pain was so clear and the wounds, that earlier in the film had been so difficult to see in His face, His back, indeed all over His body, became intensely beautiful. They had been borne voluntarily for love.

At the end of the film, after we had all had a chance to recover, a question and answer period ensued. The unanimous praise for the film, from a rather diverse crowd, was as astounding as the compliments were effusive. The questions included the one question that seems to follow this film, even though it has not yet even been released. "Why is this film considered by some to be "anti-Semitic?" Frankly, having now experienced (you do not "view" this film) "the Passion" it is a question that is impossible to answer. A law professor whom I admire sat in front of me. He raised his hand and responded "After watching this film, I do not understand how anyone can insinuate that it even remotely presents that the Jews killed Jesus. It doesn't." He continued "It made me realize that my sins killed Jesus" I agree. There is not a scintilla of anti-Semitism to be found anywhere in this powerful film. If there were, I would be among the first to decry it. It faithfully tells the Gospel story in a dramatically beautiful, sensitive and profoundly engaging way.

 Those who are alleging otherwise have either not seen the film or have another agenda behind their protestations. This is not a "Christian" film, in the sense that it will appeal only to those who identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. It is a deeply human, beautiful story that will deeply touch all men and women. It is a profound work of art. Yes, its producer is a Catholic Christian and thankfully has remained faithful to the Gospel text; if that is no longer acceptable behavior than we are all in trouble. History demands that we remain faithful to the story and Christians have a right to tell it. After all, we believe that it is the greatest story ever told and that its message is for all men and women.

 The greatest right is the right to hear the truth.

We would all be well advised to remember that the Gospel narratives to which "The Passion" is so faithful were written by Jewish men who followed a Jewish Rabbi whose life and teaching have forever changed the history of the world. The problem is not the message but those who have distorted it and used it for hate rather than love. The solution is not to censor the message, but rather to promote the kind of gift of love that is Mel Gibson's filmmaking masterpiece, "The Passion."

 It should be seen by as many people as possible. I intend to do everything I can to make sure that is the case. I am passionate about "The Passion." You will be as well. Don't miss it!
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Thank you for sharing this, Jan.
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I really liked that article! Thank you Jan
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I am not Jewish. My dh is Jewish. We have already been the target of antisemitic hate crimes, although we do not practice the Jewish faith. I sincerely hope the vast majority of people who see this film feel like you do, Lisa. However, a few violent crackpots can screw up what should be for people of the faith a precious religious experience with their violent and outspoken hatred.
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Thanks for sharing that article Jan...
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That article gave me chills. Thanks Jan!
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I doubt that I will watch it. I admire him for doing it and all but I cannot see me sitting through it. My opinion has nothing to do with religious beliefs or anything, just my personal opinion. I have never enjoyed watching things remotely like that.
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Yes I like to see it too.
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Yeah I really want to see this movie.
He KNEW when he made this movie there were going to be MANY people who said horrible things and were going to trash the movie. He would never be stupid enough to think everyone in the world would like this movie. He followed scripture and if you agree with the Bible then you'll know this movie IS historically accurate. But I think that unless all those people are standing here alive to tell you what really happened then NOTHING is historically accurate and I don't care what historian tells me it is.
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@ Wendy...
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Guess what I got a invite today for a Private viewing of this movie. I might go, wish it was little closer but not to far away. Just suprised to see it in the mail, since the debate is on this.
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wow lucky you, I hope to go see it next week!
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Thanks Jan, like I said I was really surprised. DH could not believe it either. Might be they are sending them to everyone. Who knows.
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WOW! I'd go Annie! But make sure your eyes are rested. You'll need it with those subtitles!

BTW--Mel Gibson has been going to some of the private viewings and is answering questions and stuff afterwards. I think that is great of him!
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Oh wow that be so cool if he was there, to answer questions and get a better understanding of it all.
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Wow! What a great article!!

I'm very excited about seeing it...hopefully this coming Saturday.
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I'm jealous of you, Annie!! I wish I could go to a private viewing because it'll be a long time before we go see it. We wait for movies to go to the $1.50 and then we go. With all the publicity surrounding this movie, I know it'll be awhile before it gets there. Can't wait to hear your opinion on it.
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My husband and I will be seeing it in the theatre.
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Lisa wish I could take you and the whole gang. I do not know if I am going or not, yet. Like I said I was surprised when I got it. The Church is in West Omaha. I will have to see with what life brings at the time.
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The Passion

Just wondering how many of you have heard about the movie and are going to go see it. It has stirred up a lot of contraversy and I don't know what to think. I have seen specials about how it was made and interviews of the actors and Mel Gibson. It looks like he really tried to stay close to what the scriptures say. Just wondering?
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My DH and I have tickets to go Sunday at 5:00 P.M. I am looking forward to seeing it. I'll let you know what I think of it.
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There is a thread about it on the Great Debate board!
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I think we are going on Saturday to see it
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Me and my DH are taking the youth group to see it
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Me and my DH are taking the youth group to see it
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We are supposed to go tonight provided there are still seats. We really want to go tonight with it being opening night.
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WooHoo .. we are going to a free showing here with a sister church Provided I find a babysitter for Kale on Satruday morning ... prolly my niece Crystal ... I'm so excited.
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DH and I are planning on going tonight. He is a Catholic (not practicing) and I am a Christian. From what I understand there are supposed to protestors out tonight in front of the theatre here. Jesus was crucified by a number of Jews, however these Jews are not alive today and we cannot be mad at those who are here. We should also be upset at the Romans who partook in the crucifying. I too think the ACLU could find something else to pick a fight about. I can't wait to go see subtitles included, it will give it a certain authenticity (sp). I believe the language is Aramaic and Latin and Hebrew. Newsweek had an article in Feb 16, 2004 edition but the author has a slanted view as far my DH and I are concerned.
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I called the sitter today to see if she was free Saturday, I hope so, I really want to see this movie!
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