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Mel's daddy needs to learn how to shut up. Now he's talking about killing Alan Greenspan.
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I think both sides are going to stick up for what they believe in and what they want to hear. Until I HEAR it come out of someone's mouth on TV or in person I don't believe half the stuff I read in the paper.

I still want to see this movie and I don't think any amount of trying to convince me will make me NOT see this movie. It is very simple--you don't like it, don't see it. No one is twisting anyone's arm to want to see it.

I think even if this isn't what I believed I would still see it. I like watching movies like this--of any religion not just the one I believe. I just think religion in general is a fascinating subject.
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I believe that there will be some stupid people who take the message of the movie as "hate Jewish people", but I do not think that those people will see this movie. I think they will be the people who already feel that way. I don't think that those people's feelings will change from before the movie is released and after it is released.

My thoughts on the protestors being mad that this movie would make people think that the Jews killed Jesus was... "Well didn't they?" We grew up learning this, and I didn't see how the movie was saying anything different... But then I saw an interview with the lady who played Mary Magdalene and what caught me off guard was when she clarified that it wasn't the whole of the Jewish people who killed him but just a small group of people.
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You are absolutely right Wendy and Steph!
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My mom and I are going to go and see it one day next week. Once I see it, I will let you all know what i thought.
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We had a big article in the paper about this movie tonight. They have two of the theaters blocked off for church groups that have already bought advance tickets to this. I hear you have to have iron stomach for this because of the beating and the blood.

All the way around I think it is how each man/women wants to see and believe in this movie, just like anything else. I want to see the movie and I want to feel the love for Jesus, who died for us on the cross for our sins.
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Let us know how it is...
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Yes for you that go fill us in.
I saw a preview for it tonight, it looks good, my DH does not want to see it, but that does not surprise me at all.
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I'd like to see this one too. I think I might even be able to get Chris to go.
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I'm not seeing it it is sold out here anyways. I guess they said on the news people got tickets back in january and all the churches around here bought out all of the saturday shows. it looks good though, but kinda gorey.
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This was a very moving and powerful movie. It still amazes me the Jesus would go through all of that just for us. There were many gorey scenes and many touching scenes of that between Mary and Jesus as a young boy/man. I really want to see it again, and I can't wait till we can buy it.
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I saw this movie today and it was very heavy and sobering.

I would not say it was enjoyable because it was so shocking, yet so true to the scripture. What I would say is it was an awesome movie because of what it told.

I am so glad I was able to see it.

I only have one thing to say to those who are having problems with this movie (like the ACLU)....

Pick up the bible and read it. It's all there in black and white and has been for centuries.
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We are going to see it when it dies down a bit.
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I would like to see it.. but i think i would preffer to watch it at home... specially if it is that emotional... i too don't like crying in the theatre..
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I suppose it is hopeless to get anyone to understand what it is like to suffer under anti-semitism. To live in fear of one's life daily, because of someone else's ethnic hatreds and to have done nothing to that person other than to have a personal appearance that person does not care for. I am truely sorry no one can understand my point of view or can even consider how painful it was for my family to suffer under antisemitism. How painful it is to be sitting in a nice restraunt and have someone you have never seen before in your life come up to you and your new baby and call you a "Sand Nigger." And to watch them walk out and spit tobacco all over your vehicle.

Passion plays have traditionally been used by antisemitic groups to stir up anti- Jewish emotions. I am truely sorry that no one can see I may have a valid point. Or consider that perhaps Jesus was treated the way he was because he was a Jew and the Romans did not like anyone behaving in an ethnic manner or proposing any opinions that were different than theirs.
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I saw this move and I too thought it very sobering. More people need to see it. Jesus was cruticified because He was put here on this earth to shed blood for us. No matter who ended up doing it, it was Gods will.

Does it really matter what reason the movie was made and by whom. If Mel made it because he is a "Jew hater" then so be it. But I saw it for the right reasons and isn't that all that matters. Do good with good intentions and all is well. My mother once told me after she gave a stranger money for food that if he went and bought drugs or what not with the money it was not her worry .. she gave him money with good intentions.

I know that I would like to be more like Jesus .. as he said hanging on that cross "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!"
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Or consider that perhaps Jesus was treated the way he was because he was a Jew and the Romans did not like anyone behaving in an ethnic manner or proposing any opinions that were different than theirs.
Jesus accepted that this was his purpose. He was put here to die for us. At whose hands that He died was no matter to Him. All He knew was that He was dying at the hands of a sinner and that He was dying for them. He forgave His accusers and punishers and so should we. People who are this far away Christ need our prayers and forgivness more than anyone.

I'm sorry that anyone has had to suffer under antisemitism. But I too am sorry to see anyone continue to let that treatment bring them down or discourage them from loving their enemies and becoming stronger because of their purpose.
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Oh and one more thought. This movie is leading people to Christ that normally might not have gotten to Him. Does it matter what road you take to walker closer to Him. For some people it takes drugs or death to wake them up .. so does it really matter if a "jew hating" movie leads you to Him. I don't think so. This movie has a purpose and in my opinion it serves it well.
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this is not bringing me closer to Jesus. It is just making me cry, feel unwelcome and unloved because I have a different opinion and absolutely no one can even attempt to understand where I am coming from.
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Have you seen the movie, Lenora? I'm just not understanding why it makes you feel unwelcome and unloved if you haven't seen it. I just think it has to be taken into perspective. This movie will encourage people that have these religious beliefs already and maybe will bring people to Christ that weren't followers before. But we need to remember that it is just a movie and you take from it what you personally choose to take from it. I haven't seen it yet, but only because it was sold out for the day. I'm reserving judgement til then. JMO.....
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i want to see it also. im glad a movie like this is coming out to remind us of how our world is becoming and for us to remember Jesus.
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I have to agree with Roxanna here, she said it best. Each person will take the movie the way they want to see it. I do hope it makes people closer to him and I like to be one of those people.

Lenora I hope you and Steve to watch the movie at some point and time, just to see what it is and maybe you will feel different then you do now. I guess the saying is you shall forgive one another. You may not forget and it may hurt but we need to forgive and go on best we can.
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this is not bringing me closer to Jesus. It is just making me cry, feel unwelcome and unloved because I have a different opinion and absolutely no one can even attempt to understand where I am coming from.
I'm sorry if I did anything or said anything to upset you in any way. I really think that you should see the movie also. It will be interpreted differently by different people, just as the Bible itself is interpreted differently by different people.

It doesn't mean one opinion of this movie is wrong and the other is right. It is simpy what you get from it.

Personally it is one thing to hear the words "He shead His blood for me" and to have it acted out in front of my eyes just how He shed that blood for me.

I have attempted to see your point of view. But, and I'm sorry if I offend you or anybody else, I just think it is a one sided opinion. See the movie .. really watch the movie and feel as if you were there watching Him go through this FOR YOU and maybe you will feel differently .. maybe not. But atleast you will know both sides of the story.

It is terrible that we STILL live in a day and age where people are percuted (aplg) for their looks, beliefs and the people of our past. But the fact is that we are. We can not change who we come from or what they did. Instead we can use their failures and successes to grow closer to God and be better because of them. Not let the problems of others drag us down and take us further away from Him.
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Where my husband is from...several churches are renting the theater(sp?) and inviting everyone to come and see the movie for free. My FIL said that they have doctors and nurses there because everyone is passing out.

I want to see it, but I am going to wait until it comes out on DVD.
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I also don't want to offend, insult or anger you, Grace, but you are doing just what you are accusing anti-Semitic people of doing. You are against this movie without even seeing it. You are listening to the reviews and focusing on the bad ones, the bad comments. As Roxanna said, your opinion is as one-sided as those you are condemning.

I am sorry for all you have suffered and I see your point but there is nothing I can do except raise my children to not hate others for what they look like or the religion they practice. Hopefully by our generation teaching our kids to love others for who they are and not judge them by appearance, nationality or any thing else, then maybe we can begin to wipe out hatred in the world.

But by you not even being open to the movie and it's message, you are not helping things either. You have condemned it and everyone who wants to or has seen it. You seem to think by me and everyone else wanting to see this movie and by people being moved and awed by it that we are anti-Semitic and that is so untrue.

Hopefully after we've all seen the movie we can have a better discussion on it.
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Jesus did not die for one select group of people, but for every man, woman and Child. (Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, etc.) He was Jewish and was killed by a select few of his own people. Even back then there was so much hatred. Jesus freely gave his life to try to rid the world of this hatred.

You can walk into a store and buy a bible as easliy as you can walk into a movie theater and buy a movie ticket. It is a choice you make. If this movie is so offensive to people then the bible will be too. Does that mean that we should not be allowed to have bibles anymore?


I am sorry you feel that this movie is personally offensive to you and that you have had so many problems with anit-semitism (sp).
I know that most of us here at BabyU are your friends and we only wish you the best.

I am sorry that most of us can not see your side of thing because we have never been through what you have. I hope we can share our with you and make things better for you.

BabyU is a place to come for friendship and and I hope you are feeling that at this time.
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Lenora, We love you here...

I never want you to have to go through what you are going for especially since you served our country for us. Maybe you need to live in a different area where you are not treated the way you are in that area of the country.

I still have not seen the movie but I know I will feel the same way as these last ladies... Thank you all for the very elequint way of putting all this.

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All I know is that I am interested in seeing it if for no other reason than to see what all the fuss is about.
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