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We have a lady at work who is pregnant with her second child. She has a son who is 7. This was a big surprise for them, as they weren't planning to have any more. Anyhow. She is due July 7. I am not sure if they are planning on having a shower for her at work or not. They had one for me, and they had one for a co-worker's daughter. But I haven't heard anything about plans to do anything for Sandy. I don't know what she's having and I didn't know until last week how far along she was. Here is my question...

Would it be appropriate for me to ask her what she's having, or what she needs and if she would be interested in any of my baby stuff? I mean, if she wasn't planning to have any more kids, she probably got rid of all her stuff. I have two high chairs, two cribs (one needs some work (new screws, etc.), but you could put $5 into it and it would be great), a ton of clothes, toys, etc. And a few maternity blouses that I never wore because they were too small for me, but they would probably fit her.

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Sure, I think that would be really nice of you, Dina!
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I would ask her. I think it would be totally appropriate and she will most likely appreciate it.
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I think that would be nice of you!
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I think it is definately appropirate!! i am sure she would appriciate anything you have to offer!
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I don't think it would be inappropriate, but how about asking around work for her to have a shower? That is a big gap between kids and I am sure she needs a lot!
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I agree that it would very nice of you.....have you decided what you are going to do? Let us know how it goes.
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I think it would be really nice of you to ask her!
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