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Say something about...

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Hey I thought of a game on my way home that I thought might be fun. All you have to do is say something about the person before you that you know about them. Reading journals and having journals we learn so much about that person, so lets see if we can say something about them...

Have fun, now who wants to start with me
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I think I may know something..

Jan's favorite color is PINK!
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Robyn likes Swiss Miss Triple Chocolate Pudding!
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Jan likes frozen custard.
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Easy one! JenS loves to shop!
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Cheyanne kids are 15 years apart.
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Jan's mother is moving closer into a nicer place
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Rox loves Harry Potter!
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Becca HATES Chevys!!!
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Jen lives in a beautiful 2 story house. (a beautiful house for a beautiful person and family!)
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Wannabe likes pizza!
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Seabeacon lives in Kissimmee, FL! ( Love the name of that town)
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Jan loves Cinderella!
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Lori likes purple!
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LuAnn just made it to 15000 posts

Just wanted to make sure everybody knew the news
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Maree just got a new job.
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Dina and I are co-mods on the Religion and Spiritual Practice Forum...


Dina is a transplanted Texan!
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LuAnn can make people laugh, she sure did in her last post in her journal.
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Annie is the class 'Best shoulder to cry on' member
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Krista is a great person and a wonderful mommy!!!
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Amy gets married in 8 months and I know she will be a lovely bride.
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Awww, you are too Amy I hope that we can get together again soon! We didn't get a very good chance to really chat. Next time we get together we will hafta do something where we can talk more.
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Oh, and to keep up with the game...
Annie is really easy to talk to and loves to go to the casino!
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Krista is a good ear and let's me cry to her if I need to. Oh and the best part about Krista is she has sent me some wonderful gifts over the years.
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Krista is a faith driven woman and I'm so glad to be able to watch in wonder and amazement as how strong she is!
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Roxanna is a clean queen!
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Libby likes to watch Alton Brown on the Food Network!
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Becca has the cutest accent on the phone!
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Krista sounds more Yankee-ish than I thought she would!
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