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Becca sells Avon and Pampered Chef. I love Becca voice on the phone too.
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Annie really knows how to put a smile on my dd's face (and i am sure that she does this for a lot of other peoples children too)

Lov eyou annie
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Michelle is from Cowtown, and is really great at making people feel welcomed, great at reaching out to people!

oh and her ds's bday is the same as my dh's!
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I love my dishwasher! With all the bottles and sippy cups I would go crazy without it.
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Lori is sending me coupons
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Oops! I entered my post in the wrong game!

Andrea is the Co-Moderator to books with JenniferS
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Lori finally had her a baby girl!
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Becca has rats in her couch!
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Libby may be going to a Catholic wedding!
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LuAnn is a Texas girl!
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fertile myrtle eh? love it!!

becca's son is the same age as mine!
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Andrea only lives about 4 hours away from me.....although I think she told me it was about 3 (must have a pretty good lead foot )
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Michelle just needs to speed up through the mountains!!

Michelle is currently on the SB diet and doing awesome on it!!
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Andrea is a Flames fan.
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Annie is a night person!
That or she forgot to turn off her computer.
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LuAnn is a devoted Christian and posts lots of stuff on her boards.
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Krista is full of great breastfeeding advice
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Michele and her mom love to sew.
Liz, now I have that song stuck in my head!
I'm a nut!
In a hut!
I stole and apple from a tree-so what!!

Liz has good taste in clothes!
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Liz is addicted to Ebay!
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ok so it was Krista Duh! me

Ok Krista broke Payton out of her midnight nursing
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Tracey's baby girl slept in her crib last night!!
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Krista Loves scrap booking Products
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Tracey has Miss Independent on her hands.
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Annie would like to change places with the president for the day!
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Tracy lives in England
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Libby pay way too much wear she lives for Milk!
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Jan gets to meet her best friend in a little over a week!!
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One of Amys Most embarrasing moments is when adams Dad was putting new windows in their bedroom. they had to pull out the bed and he saw their chains
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AMY!! I didn't know that!! How embarrassing!!!

Tracey is a funny girl!
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Krista of course had 4 children, and is a very cute girl!She is also a BF and gives great advise!
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