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Diana 03-15-2001 11:48 AM

Jamie and I actually met about 5 or more years ago. I never paid atention to him though. We probably were going to Sabrina's (his cuz and my bf) for years without even talking or realizing it. I was always trying to flirt with his cousin.... ! I still think that is funny. Well, in my Senior Year, after I had just gotten out of an AWFUL relationship, I was just dating around and Brina came up to me and asked me if I would meet her cousin. First thing she said after that was...but you cannot play him (yeah I took offence - I had not really played anyone). Well, I said yes and that Friday I went to the football game. I have to say that I act a little conceited at times so I was just strutting around like I was all that . Well, then I met friend that was with me did not like him then. Well we only said hi...that is a lot huh?!? And then some girls kept coming up to him and talking to him and I decided I was not going to waste my time and left with my friends to go out. Well, the next day he came to my Senior Car Wash and I got there while he was there. I just ignored him even though he kept looking at me. He left and that night his cousin asked me to come over but I was working so I didn't. I called him at 12:00m that night...and immediately I became interested in him. He went to my church the next day and sat with me...we held hands a little bit...but then that afternoon we ended up kissing and Brina called me that night and I went and got something that Jamie had left for me..his class ring. The next night I asked him what it meant and that is when we got together. And now I love him and he loves me more than the world!!! And we both love our little angle more than anything.

Sorry so long guys!!

lammypie 03-15-2001 12:14 PM

Well, let's see. Todd and I met originally at a college/career Christmas party sponsored by our church. He was nice enough, but I was casually dating someone else at the time.
About two months later I was dating Todd's roommate, but that guy turned out to be a real piece of work. When the roommate averted his attention elswhere, I got upset. Guess who I went to talk about it with?? Todd, of course. We started becoming very close friends-long walks, motorcycle rides, going to Bible studies together and Christian events. One night he took me up to the top of a mountain that overlooked the city. I just KNEW I was going to marry him someday. Well, we fell in love and got engaged 8 months later.
After we were married, Todd admitted being interested in me long before we ever met at the Christmas party. We just weren't in the same circle of friends at the time, so we never got together until later.
It has been bliss ever since.

Kristenph 03-15-2001 12:24 PM

I introduced myself to my future husband at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting at N.C. State University. We were both dating someone else at the time. He told me his first thought was, "She seems nice, I'll probably never date her though." Pretty weird, huh. After that we became friends and eventually started dating about 5 months later. He proposed to me on December 31, 1991 and we got married 2 weeks after graduation on May 22, 1993. I am dating myself now! I feel so old compared to many of the people on here:"

Wendy 03-15-2001 02:24 PM

Den and I met at a gas station..He pumped my gas and I was out cruising around in my mommy's car. I hit the curb because I reached into the back seat to get my money. I was only going like 5 miles an hour. But he thought it was funny because he thought I was a spoiled little brat Later he realized one of his good friends at work was my brother. Then later realized we went to the same school. He was a sophmore and I was a senior. I just got out of this awful relationship...well not awful but at the time I thought us breaking up was the worst thing that could happen.

So I guess the answer to your question is that we met at a gas station but really we went to the same high school and elementary school. I remember some of my friends always thought he was the cutest man whoever walked the earth and I never paid attention to him. Then when I met him it clicked that this was the person they all were talking about


Diana 03-15-2001 02:30 PM

I have to say that is really cute Wendy.

mandymarie01 03-15-2001 05:24 PM

DH and I met while we both worked at the Wal-Mart in Portland, Oregon. He worked as security and I worked in ladies clothing.

Lori 03-15-2001 05:33 PM

The first time I met Ron was at MEPS in Buffalo, NY in November '93 but we never saw each other again until November '94 at Offut AFB, NE. We lived in the same dorms there.

Tara 03-15-2001 06:24 PM

I met my husband at a Bowling Alley. He was in the Navy but he had a second job as a security cop there. My friends and I were being wild in the parking lot and listening music. Matter of fact it was Shania Twain(Any man of mine), and I was singing it(I love to sing) and he walked by and told me "you'll never find a man like that" and well here we are five years later. Guess he was wrong Ha Ha!!

Elaine 03-15-2001 10:40 PM

I met Michael while he was rooming in the same house as my boyfriend when I was 16 but we didnt really talk to each other at all.
The year after that a girl I new told me she and her husband were looking for a room mate because they needed some help with the bills. I moved in and the husband turned out to be Michael. To make a long story short, a few months later they had split up (not because of me although there was a strong attraction) and Michael and I were left with the apartment. We have been together ever since.

daya 03-16-2001 04:40 AM

I met my dh at a night club. I was on the dance floor danceing with my freind and he can up behind my and started danceing with me.

Dawn 03-16-2001 10:07 AM

I knew this sounded familiar! We started a thread on this back around Valentine's Day, so if you want to read some more "How we met" stories, check out this thread

mrs073 03-16-2001 02:13 PM

My DH and I were in Choir together at 2-yr. college. My girlfriend wanted me to go to this concert with her and her boyfriend, so I asked the cute guy who sat behind me in choir -- he said Yes and that he had actually been wanting to ask me out (!), and we have been together ever since that day -- October 26, 1984.

AWKSMOM 03-16-2001 02:18 PM

I, like Kristen, met my husband at North Carolina State University. His roommate and my roommate went to high school together and his roommate was trying to fix up my future husband with my roommate. The first time Billy and I met, he thought I didn't like him because I wasn't overly friendly to him - why would I be when he was there to go out with my roommate? Eventually we became friends and began dating in January of 1991. Because of college and wanting to be on our own afterwards, we waited until June of 1996 to get married. So technically, we have been together for over 10 years although only married for the past 4 1/2.

onetoughskirt 03-16-2001 05:18 PM

I met Tony while working in a coffe shop at the mall. He worked at a shoe store there & came for caffeine at least 6 times a day. We were both doing 40+ hrs & saw each other frequently. I had a lot of "regulars" though. I thought he was cute but he'd brought his girlfriend in a few times. Jokingly, I'd even referred to him as my future husband to my co-workers. One of the girls I worked with started talking to him & he admitted he was waiting for his girlie to move away & then he would ask me out. One night he needed a ride home so I offered & when we got there he said no one was home so he wouldn't be doing anything that night. So I gave him a courtesy invitation to hang out with my roommate & me, we've been together ever since. He says he flirted with me every day but I never noticed. He even brought several of his friends in so he could show off his future girlfriend (how cute!) We're not married but he still picks on me for calling him my hubbie. lol

Jenn 03-16-2001 11:21 PM

Rich and I met at at nightclub in our city through my brothers ex-girlfriend. At first I thought he was a real jerk and i wanted nothing to do with him. Then weeks past and we all were hanging out and got to know him over time. Now I am glad I didn't walk away!! We have been together for over 6 years now!! WOW!! Time flies when your having fun!!

knee cole 03-17-2001 01:59 PM

We met at school through some shared friends. I thought he was an arrogant SOB that needed his butt kicked and he thought I was the best thing after his fiancee. Then by the time she dumped him he grew on me and I liked him. Then within a year I was in love. Nothing specific happened. I just wanted him to be the father of my kids.

I guess it's true, you get what you wish for.

Jennajbb 03-21-2001 04:39 PM

We met on the internet(a place called Christian Email or something)...sounds silly. We were email pals for a long time and one day we met in person and it was love at first site. Both of us are Christians and we have the same goals in life. We felt it was God who brought us together. But as far is Jenna is concerned...we met at the mall! *giggle*

chelle1193 03-21-2001 06:19 PM

My DH and I were set-up... lol, I was 18, working at Hardee's when a friend I hadn't seen in a year or so came in and we started talking. He mentioned that he knew this great guy (we've all heard this line ) After a lot of convincing, I finally agreed to meet him. We went out to a movie with my old friend and his fiancee, and we've been together ever since! As far as I know, we are the only couple that stayed together after "matchmaking"

MicheleD 03-22-2001 11:03 PM

My husband and I met at a roller skating rink, he came to Ohio from Indiana to skate! He dated my friend for about 2 weeks and decided he really wanted to date me instead--luckily my friend wasn't upset. He asked me out for a date and we went to our county fair and we've been together since! He drove a hour every day to see me, how sweet is that?

Mother of 2
Paige 3/31/94
Peyton 7/8/00

ryann2 03-23-2001 12:01 AM

My roommate in college had a brother, his best friend was Billy. The rest is history!!

Spaggie 03-25-2001 02:52 PM

I was dating Rick's younger brother! We started dating about a year or so later, after I discovered he wasn't such a jerk after all. Although his family wasn't thrilled when we got together, we still have a good laugh about it!

Butterfly112881 03-27-2001 10:56 PM

One night I was sooo bored and my friend, Maggie, called me and asked if I wanted to go w/ her and her other friend, Cassie, to meet her boyfriend. The guys were in the army and staying in the barracks. Well, Maggie was taking Cassie to introduce her to Lee b/c he just got out of a relationship and all he wanted was one thing and since Cassie was a **** she was going to hook them up. Well, Lee didn't like her and he was TOTALLY drunk and Cassie ended up sleeping w/ some other guy down the hall. I am really shy when I first meet people and I was just sitting on the bed minding my own business. I go home later that night and the next day, Maggie's boyfriend(who was Lee's best friend)told her that Lee liked me. So we started talking and now we're married!!

Stacey 03-28-2001 01:56 PM

My dh and I met while he was a fireman. He was doing security at a dance and I was bartending. I went to tell him we were cutting someone off, someone we knew would give us trouble. He totally ignored me. He went over to the other bartender and said, 'so, what's the problem?' The second time we met was at a bar. His friends introduced us and all he said 'nice tatoos. Are you proud of those?' (yes, I have 3 tatoos but they are lady like and discreet)We didn't talk for a while. DUH !!! Then, he was moving to Colorado to finish school. 5 girls (including me) took him to a bar to have an informal going away party. I think we just needed an excuse to go out. Anyway, this rugby player from England asked his permission to speak to me. He said I had beautiful eyes. Ah!!!! So, all of a sudden, my dh notices me in a different light. After that, we were always the designated drivers so we got to know each other. We've been together ever since.

lvissers 02-24-2006 12:33 AM

We met in High School, but didn't date until we were working together years later.

Lissa02 02-24-2006 01:10 AM

Jason and I lived in the same town, went to the same schools and he was sorta friends with my brothers. I knew his oldest brother because he was my sub-teacher. We didn't meet till 1999 when I accepted a position that was opening up because he was quitting. When I first met him I thought he was a player He ended up staying 5 more months and here we are today!!

At the time I didn't even want to get into a relationship, cuz I just got out of a miserable one. but he swept me off my feet

melizerd 02-24-2006 03:05 AM

I was a senior in high school and engaged to my DH's best friend. He and I did not get along at all. Actually he even made me cry in public. We did end up becoming friends and he just blurted out "I love you" In the Culver's parkinglot. I didn't talk to him for about a month. I ended up breaking off my engagement and a month after that we started dating. We were married less then a year later. In less then a month we will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary

tailwaggers 02-24-2006 08:15 AM

A friend of a friend told me one day that she knew the "perfect" guy for me. I laughed and told her there was no such thing. I was a little jaded as I had recently broken off an engagement--about two months before. BUT I agreed to meet this "perfect" guy--Kyle. We actually met in a very casual setting at the home of some other friends, and there was no pressure since it wasn't a date. I thought he was so nice and so down to earth. We were both pretty anti-marriage when we met. He had only been divorced about 8 months at the time, so it seemed like a good fit. We were happy just to date and see where things went. What's so funny is that we met on Memorial Day 1995, and in December we were engaged. We were married four months later. I guess we got over that anti-marriage thing pretty quick!

Milly 02-24-2006 09:05 PM

Dh and I met through Hotmail Classifieds online. The first time he wrote me on Feb 14, 1999 (yes v-day), our first date was Feb 27, we were engaged by Easter, and married in September. Funny thing is I broke up with my boyfriend on Feb 12- two days before dh first emailed me. I guess we were destined to be stuck together

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