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lvissers 10-08-2006 05:27 PM

Monday, October 2, 2006
Under cross-examination from Livia, Tad angrily repeats his assertion that the airport security video was totally fabricated. Krystal's baby news alarms Colby but delights Adam. As the motel manager testifies about seeing Zach and his lover check in together, a furious JR confronts Tad over the way he sandbagged Dixie but Jamie suddenly comes to his father's defense. Adam and Krystal eagerly look forward to raising up a brand new Chandler heir. Meanwhile, Colby complains to Sean about Krystal and Babe teaming up to completely ruin her life. Insisting that the chief witness for the prosecution was motivated to lie by his thirst for vengeance, Livia urges the jury to find her clients not guilty. Sean explains to an astonished Colby how his parents conceived him to create a bone marrow donor for his sister. Listening to the district attorney's summation, Kendall wonders if her marriage is truly over while Dixie hopes for a chance to have Zach all to herself at last. Later, Zach and Dixie breathe a sigh of relief as the jury pronounces them innocent on all charges. Colby tries again to convince her brother that his wife is playing him for a fool but JR turns a deaf ear once more.

lvissers 10-08-2006 05:28 PM

Tuesday, October 3, 2006
Dixie rails at Tad for all the damage he's caused. Across town, Zach asks Kendall if they can get past everything that's happened and find their way back to one another. Josh confides to Babe how lost he feels in the wake of the jury's verdict. Tad explains to a stunned Dixie how he concocted a web of lies in order to prevent her from being convicted of murder once his deceit was publicly exposed during the trial. Astounded to learn that both Zach and Jamie were in on Tad's ploy, Dixie admits that she feels like a fool. Zach reminds his wife that he still loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Unable to trust, Kendall demands the whole truth before she'll even consider making a fresh start with her spouse. Though Babe nervously insists their fling was a one time thing, Josh urges her to be honest about her feelings and leave her creep of a husband behind. Tad drops yet another bombshell on Dixie when he reveals that he was the one who killed Greg. Calmly recounting how he meticulously put his plan into action and buried his victim alive, Tad explains why certain pieces of physical evidence led the police in the wrong direction. Zach tells Kendall he knew about Madden's plight but made no move to rescue him, then declares he wishes he had indeed been the one to take the doctor's life. Babe finally confesses to Josh that she can't walk away from him.

lvissers 10-08-2006 05:28 PM

Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Ryan prevents Erica from barging in on Kendall and Zach as the estranged twosome attempt to hash out their differences. Babe declares her love to Josh and they fall into another passionate clinch. Dixie consoles a grieving Tad as he blames himself for destroying their last chance to find their daughter. Aidan returns to town and receives a frosty reception from Di. Babe finally pulls away from Josh's embrace and insists that she must go home to her son. Tad apologizes to Dixie for judging her too harshly when he first learned how she gave Kate away. Zach bitterly reminds a tearful Kendall how much more ruthless he is than his hateful father and brother ever were. Jamie presses Aidan for the truth about Madden's murder but the P.I. advises his partner's son to let the matter go. Colby snipes at her sister-in-law for cheating on JR, then turns her fury on Krystal when Babe's mother tries to intervene. Derek places Tad under arrest for perjury. Del suggests to Di that her annoyance with Aidan barely conceals her affection for the guy. Later, Di accepts an invitation from Aidan for a night filled with the promise of adventure.

lvissers 10-08-2006 05:31 PM

Thursday, October 5, 2006
Jackson brings Lily home from the hospital. Claiming that he and Dixie did indeed bury Greg alive, Zach warns Derek he'll be jeopardizing his career if he arrests Tad for perjury. At Confusion, Josh again presses a flustered Babe to leave JR and start a new life with him. Kendall tells Ryan she knows now her husband is a ruthless man who will only break her heart repeatedly if she stays with him. After Dixie backs Zach's play to secure Tad's freedom, Derek bitterly accuses all three of them of scamming the criminal justice system. Erica is upset to learn that Jack convinced Sean to enroll at Pine Valley High. Amanda confides to Babe how she's fallen head over heels for Jonathan. Later, Babe reveals her own dilemma by admitting that she's been cheating on JR. Jeff moves into the Valley Inn to be closer to his son. Kendall realizes that despite everything she's still in love with her spouse. Dixie thanks Tad for saving her and Zach and for trusting her with the truth about Madden. Jeff shares a piece of his past with Josh. Though Amanda urges her to cut JR loose, Babe insists her heart is split right down the middle because she loves both her husband and Josh. Feeling overwhelmed by a flood of family crises, Erica decides to spend some time away from home. Josh turns to his dad for advice on his complicated love life and is pleased by Jeff's response.

lvissers 10-08-2006 05:31 PM

Friday, October 6, 2006
Adam's overly solicitous attitude towards his expectant wife turns Colby's stomach. Jackson assures Sean that he hasn't tanked the Montgomerys' marriage. Meanwhile, Erica and Jeff are surprised to discover that they've just become neighbors at the Valley Inn. A nervous Babe begs Josh to swear that he won't spill their secret to her husband. Colby confides to Sydney her fear that she's pregnant. Across town, Jackson lectures his nephew about taking responsibility for his actions. Josh informs JR and a flustered Babe that Simone rehired him at Fusion. Sydney agrees to purchase a home pregnancy test for her anxious friend. Erica admits to an amused Jeff that she may not be cut out for marriage despite her ten trips down the aisle. Jonathan bristles when JR badmouths Amanda. Sean is taken aback to learn that Jack has recently become his legal guardian. Stumbling over instructions for a pregnancy test kit, Adam assumes they belong either to Krystal or Babe but both women deny it. Jeff offers to escort his ex to her sweeps party for "New Beginnings."

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