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Grace 12-15-2008 02:20 PM

Want the inside scoop on your favorite band? Take a peak at the contract rider for their latest tour, where you'll find requests for everything from clean socks and underwear to pot, pork rinds – and more.

I was surprised at some of the "outrageous" requests. Why is wanting toothbrushes and toothpaste "outrageous"? Or soymilk? Or Flintstone vitamins? These things are not expensive or really that out of line. I thought when I read the headline it was going to be something bizarre or unreasonable or really expensive. I can certainlly understand requests for food that won't make a person fart when stuck on a bus for days or soymilk if someone has dairy allergies. Most of this stuff is cheap. So why the big deal if some star wants stamped postcards or Flintstone vitamins. Get off Christina Agularia's case. Some people have problems swallowing pills. Does it cost a ton of money or is impossible to find?

Spaggie 12-29-2008 08:50 PM

Bait? That guy actually asks for bait? Ewwwwww!

Lady Knight 12-29-2008 10:42 PM

what I wonder is how bad have the backstage areas been in the past? the amount of "stars" who have to emphasis in capital letters that they want CLEAN towels is amazing, I would have thought that would go without saying but somebody must have got dirty towels at some stage to make this an issue.

And as for them 'demanding' "real" cups, plates and crockery I can totally agree, I hate eating or drinking from disposable cups etc.

They are on the road constatly, can you imagine how revolting it would get to never have real cutlery or plates for months at a time.

Grace 12-30-2008 12:04 AM

The all white furniture everywhere for Jennifer Lopaz was a little over the top, but most of this stuff is just a few creature comforts for someone who is on the road constantly. As for Paul McCarthney's request about the leather furniture, well, he is obviously trying to make a political statement and sitting on a leather sofa would look hypocritical. Besides regular cloth furniture is cheap and easy to come by.

Bait's really cheap, though. They sell it at every Walmart here. Perhaps he fishes a lot or travels with a pet who eats it. Pet food is not an unreasonable request.

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stellargellar 02-13-2009 06:30 AM

most of those aren't outrageous at all.. it actually looks like a grocery list.

SarahFox 03-16-2009 09:59 PM

I agree with you guys, nothing so crazy there!
Considering they do shows which bring in thousands of dollars (in some cases $100'000+ for a single show), their demands seem pretty tame!

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