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Grace 01-29-2009 04:05 AM

This is a recent pic of Boy George:

Wow, he looks so...

Like a guy. Well, that should come in handy while he's in jail.

MeShell 01-29-2009 11:34 AM

I must admit...I had a cassette of his when I was a kid!

Cheyanne 01-29-2009 11:50 AM

I never liked him ever!

Grace 01-29-2009 12:09 PM

Are you kidding? I have his greatest hits! His appearance is normally weird, but I like his music.

Spaggie 01-29-2009 01:20 PM

It doesn't even look like him! Why is he in jail?

Grace 01-29-2009 01:31 PM

He's been a very, very bad boy.

Boy George Convicted For Restraining, Beating Norwegian Male Escort
London jury finds singer guilty of false imprisonment in 2007 incident.

MeShell 01-29-2009 04:25 PM

Now I have that song stuck in my head.....

Karma Karma Karma Karma
Karma Chameleon
You come and go
You come and go
Loving would be easy
if you're colors were
like my dreams
Red, gold and green
Red, gold and green

Spaggie 01-29-2009 05:35 PM

Dam it, Lenora! Now, I have that song going thru my head! It's all your fault!

MeShell 01-29-2009 05:57 PM

Wendy 01-29-2009 06:02 PM

I think he looks much better with his makeup and that doesn't say much...LOL!!

He's been made fun of so much lately on those late night talk shows.

Grace 01-29-2009 06:12 PM

In some ways, I feel sorry for him. In others, he was downright cruel to this man.

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