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MeShell's Avatar MeShell
09:22 PM 02-06-2009
It just premiered a couple of weeks ago on FOX. I really like it! You learn alot about what to look for when someone is lying to you!

Is anyone watching it?
Lady Knight's Avatar Lady Knight
11:48 AM 02-07-2009
it was on here on thursday night, I can't believe we are only 1 week behind you. We will be watcing it, the young man who is always honest cracks me up
10:06 PM 02-07-2009
I DVR'd them but haven't watched them yet. They look really good. Maybe tonight IF I get off the computer and get my guided reading plans done for school.
MeShell's Avatar MeShell
11:56 PM 02-07-2009
Maree, I know!! He is hilarious! Radical Honesty!
Lady Knight's Avatar Lady Knight
06:00 AM 02-08-2009
What about Life on Mars? that started last week as well. In fact so many good programs started on Free to Air TV we are thinking of dumping Foxtel and saving $50+ a month.
MeShell's Avatar MeShell
07:52 PM 02-08-2009
I haven't heard of Life on Mars. Gonna have to look for it!
Jana's Avatar Jana
03:17 PM 03-11-2013

No I don't watch it but sounds really interesting. i will check it out :) Thanks!

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