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If you eloped...

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Grace's Avatar Grace
04:06 PM 09-21-2006
Do you feel like you missed anything by not having a wedding?
Grace's Avatar Grace
04:07 PM 09-21-2006
I sure did - feuding relatives, major headaches, turning into a Bridezilla...
07:53 AM 09-22-2006
in some ways I do, but we saved a lot of money for a downpayment for a house, and that lasts a lot longer
simonne's Avatar simonne
08:22 AM 09-22-2006
Same here Lenora We did it because everyone wanted our wedding their way and not ours
11:40 AM 09-22-2006
well we didn't elope but we got married in my mom's living room on a Wed with only about 25 people. I don't think I missed anything by not having a more traditional wedding/reception. Though someday I'd like to renew our vows and have a big reception.
12:00 PM 09-22-2006
I do and I don't LOL. I'd always wanted a big wedding, but when Daniel and I married I'd already realized that it was not about the wedding but about the marriage. I'd still like to renew our vows some day and have a big wedding, because I want to get all dressed up!
Miss Bea Haven's Avatar Miss Bea Haven
02:47 PM 09-22-2006
I don't regret it one bit.
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
11:28 PM 09-22-2006
We didn't exactly elope. We got married in Las Vegas. We had about 60 people there. But, I do wish my grandmother was there. That's one thing I missed by not having a traditional wedding.
Now that we go to church, I would love for our pastor to renew our vows with us while our family and close friends are present. I think it would be meaningful to us to have a Christian ceremony with a pastor we know and respect.
But I wouldn't change the way we did it. Our wedding cost $315, and we had a great honeymoon and a brand new house to come home to.
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