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What's on YOUR menu ?

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Mumtoboo's Avatar Mumtoboo
12:17 PM 04-02-2007
What is everyone having for Easter dinner?
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
12:20 PM 04-02-2007
Whatever the MIL cooks
Mumtoboo's Avatar Mumtoboo
12:21 PM 04-02-2007
Menu as of now:

Glazed ham
Mashed taters ( may make them 4 cheese, haven't decided yet )
glazed carrots
green salad
fruit salad
hot rolls
desserts ( these are MIL's to figure out ! )
KimmerRN's Avatar KimmerRN
12:30 PM 04-02-2007
I haven't really planned anything, but I'm sure it will be the usual... ham, taters, veggies, rolls, pie, etc....
12:34 PM 04-02-2007
I won't know til today if I have to work or not. If I don't then we'll be going to my Grandparents house.

There's a WHOLE spread there.
Grace's Avatar Grace
12:49 PM 04-02-2007
We don't do much for Easter. Just easter baskets, dresses, and hiding eggs. We'll be post poning egg hunting this year because it's going to be snowing and 27F.
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
03:14 PM 04-02-2007
I'm not sure. We are suppose to probably have an Easter picnic with Steve's side of the family. I need to get together with my sil and see what she is planning. They are such last minute people that it drives me nuts!! The picnic was her idea but she has no idea what to have yet.
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
03:56 PM 04-02-2007
All I have to bring to Easter dinner is dessert. I'll probably do a banana pudding and some cheesecake things.
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
08:31 PM 04-02-2007
we're not sure if we're going to the inlaws yet or not...if not we'll probably not doing anything major
08:36 PM 04-04-2007
I can NOT decide what to make. I always do ham since its easy after church but Mike really likes turkey. I just won't have time to make that. I was thinking leg of lamb but everyone said, eeewww. Maybe a pork roast?

Glazed carrots, asparagus and mashed or scalloped potatoes, pies for desset and deviled eggs to get rid of some colored ones.
Jannie's Avatar Jannie
08:23 AM 04-05-2007
We go to Brittany's godmothers and she has a spread. I also bring the fruit fluff.
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
09:15 AM 04-05-2007
we're definitely going to the inlaws.. we're having turkey, ham, macaroni salad, potato salad... and i don't remember what all else......
02:00 AM 03-22-2008
im cooking for hubby n me n baby, and our 2 firends and their son (same age as ours ).
making tenderloin steaks, seared scallops, and for sides roasted fresh green beans, and my ultimate favorite, double potato creamy bake
dessert is my husbands favorite, apple slump!
spent like... 80 bucks on 8 big pieces of tenderloin and 30 on 18 scallops.
wicked expensive....

better not screw it up =)
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
04:29 AM 03-22-2008
Apple Slump???

I'm just making a lasagna... The girls wanted lasagna, and I'm not making a big spread of food for just the four of us... it would just go to waste.
Cheyanne's Avatar Cheyanne
11:01 AM 03-22-2008
Just the usually.
Ham, potatoes, vegs, salad, and something for dessert. Haven't figured that out yet.
ajg99_98's Avatar ajg99_98
11:52 AM 03-22-2008
I have to work....Adam and the kids are going to his mom's. The company is buying us a ham to make and then all 7 of us are bringing some sort of side. I'm thinking mashed potatoes and deviled eggs. Hopefully we won't be busy and will have time to cook and eat, but we shall see.
knee cole's Avatar knee cole
07:30 AM 03-24-2008
MIL spitted two chickens and roasted them, made corn bread, baked taters, corn bread stuffing, reg stuffing, salad, and vegitarian 'ribs' for Caitlyn. We also had two birthday cakes (chocolate fudge for Brandon and rainbow for Angela).
Janice's Avatar Janice
11:48 AM 03-24-2008
We had lunch out my MIL, service was horrible so it made the meal rather disappointing. Should have just had a traditional brunch at home, live and learn! Everyone's menu sounds sooo yummy.
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