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Favorite Easter Candy?

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Elaine's Avatar Elaine
10:04 AM 03-24-2008
I used to be a candy junkie and could string off a huge list of my favorites. I've stopped indulging in the last few years though and my cravings have gone way down.
I do still enjoy a Reeses Egg once in a while and also really like Jelly Belly brand jellybeans.
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
10:22 AM 03-24-2008
i really like the reeses eggs... don't really care a lot for anything else though.
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
10:31 AM 03-24-2008
I munch chocolate .. we have pb cups right now. I don't eat nearly as muc as I used to .
Janice's Avatar Janice
12:32 PM 03-24-2008
Yesterday was killer when it comes to candy and sweets. I had a HUGE sweet tooth yesterday and ended up eating reisens, gummy bears, amy's ice cream, and truffles! Geez, I need to get out and walk this afternoon!
Seabeacon's Avatar Seabeacon
02:44 PM 03-24-2008
I love Jelly Bellys and anything chocolate.
Mumtoboo's Avatar Mumtoboo
04:10 PM 03-24-2008
Anything Reese's!
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
05:22 PM 03-24-2008
Am I the only weirdo that likes peeps? I think they are great after they've sat open for a little while and get just a touch tougher than when they are fresh.
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
07:18 PM 03-24-2008
i hate peeps... but i had an uncle who used to eat them that way!!
Janice's Avatar Janice
08:34 PM 03-24-2008
Peeps were on sale at the store today, 3 packages for $.99! I don't like them personally.
10:02 PM 03-24-2008
Elaine, I am exactly the same way. I only like them when they are a tad stale.
Zyrilia's Avatar Zyrilia
11:46 PM 03-24-2008
Originally Posted by Elaine
Am I the only weirdo that likes peeps? I think they are great after they've sat open for a little while and get just a touch tougher than when they are fresh.
No, you're not, Elaine. I LOVE Peeps. Stale Peeps especially. I buy them on clearance and stash them on a top shelf somewhere, to let them "age" a month or two... YUMMMM!

When BIL was deployed, I sent him and his cohorts a 10 package of candies - later he told me that they were planning to BBQ the Peeps.
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
08:22 AM 03-25-2008
I love Reese's peanut butter eggs.
BeccaSueBoo's Avatar BeccaSueBoo
09:09 AM 03-25-2008
Cadbury Eggs!
dinapooh2's Avatar dinapooh2
03:22 PM 03-25-2008
Oh, I love the Reese's eggs. With everything else, it just depends on my mood.
Robyn's Avatar Robyn
07:14 PM 03-25-2008
STALE Peeps!
I buy a package of them and poke holes in the package with a fork and stick them on top of the refridgerator!

I love it when they're stale!!

I like Starburst Jelly beans too.. and I found a new favorite.. Dove Chocolate Eggs with pecans! YUM!!!!!!
08:31 PM 03-25-2008
My husband and mil also love stale Peeps.
Stink_Momma's Avatar Stink_Momma
07:49 AM 03-26-2008
Robin eggs and peeps!
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
02:48 AM 03-28-2008
Peeps are just nasty! Yuck! LOL!

I like the Reese's minatures. I toss the whole bag in the freezer when I get them. Since I'm not a big choicolate eater, that bag will last me more than a year, normally. I also like Butterfingers and KitKats, but can never eat the whole package. Just too much chocolate at once for me. And If I'm buying jelly beans, they have to be either Starburst or Jolly Rancher. If I'm gonna eat them, I want the good ones!
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