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what's going in the Easter baskets this year?

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marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
11:11 AM 03-11-2009
I'm not really sure yet.... of course there will be some candy...possibly a dvd... spring outfit
Grace's Avatar Grace
12:36 PM 03-11-2009
We don't do much for Easter other than a little candy and hiding eggs. I am so mad at these kids for not picking up their toys, toys are not going in the basket. I feel like they don't care about the toys they already have.
04:29 PM 03-11-2009
I was thinking a gift card to Barnes and Noble and/or Build a Bear, some candy and that's about it. Not little toys. I am forever throwing out junk that laying around the house.
04:40 PM 03-11-2009
I haven't really started on Easter yet but usually I try to give them something that they can use outdoors like rollerblades, skateboards, sidewalk chalk etc.
Wendy's Avatar Wendy
04:48 PM 03-11-2009
We do the same as Krista...normally something outside. Last year it was bicycles. This year no clue....possibly new clothes because Christian has NO shorts for this year yet.
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
05:57 PM 03-11-2009
I'm not sure... they don't need any toys!!! I think they may each get a book, and a jumprope or something along those lines... And maybe a chocolate bunny, but we still have Christmas candy so they won't be getting much of that either.
MeShell's Avatar MeShell
08:39 PM 03-11-2009
I haven't shopped yet but I'm sure it will be the usual candy and maybe a book or DVD. No small toys or trinkets, I'm sick of throwing that junk out as it is!
Shona's Avatar Shona
08:52 PM 03-11-2009
I'm with everyone else. No little toys. Candy but not too much. My kids LOVE dying Easter Eggs and I H A T E it with a passion, but.. I guess we need to.
So Eggs, and outside stuff and/or a Bible. Depends on whether or not our Taxes come back first.
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
09:00 AM 03-12-2009
Our Easter baskets usually just consist of some candy, CHEAP out door toys like chalk and bubbles, and maybe a book.
I have 2 birthdays soon after Easter and to make it a big deal with gifts would break me ... as well as overload the kids with gifts.
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
10:56 AM 03-12-2009
Mine normally get a new outfit, a movie and some type of outdoor gift. there willbe a bit of candy, but we do a "family basket" for that.
simonne's Avatar simonne
01:14 PM 03-12-2009
Hannah is getting a alarm clock she can dock her ipod to got it for $10.00 at Kohls on clearance its cute white with pink flowers and her ipod that she bought herself is pink

Will probably a cheap DS game or elbow and knee pads for his skateboard
05:23 PM 03-12-2009
We decided to put in some small toys for his age, a new more age app. sippy cup, some bubbles, got him some fake eggs and were going to put in some of thoes little puff and some animal crackers in them, then possibly one or two cereal bars.
des02's Avatar des02
05:42 PM 03-12-2009
Not sure what we will put but I now for sure some candy but these guys don't need much. Probably a book for Desi and maybe an outside game for Moses. I totally agree they toys end up all over the floor and I'm stuck picking them up!! Drives me NUTS!
Wendy's Avatar Wendy
06:33 PM 03-12-2009
We are really cutting back on the candy this year. They have three sets of grandparents so they get so much candy. We never eat it all. I'm sure if I look there is still a frozen bunny in the freezer. I forgot about DS games. Christian really wants a new Pokemon game since he beat his last one.
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
07:00 PM 03-12-2009
I don't do Easter baskets. Never have. My mom gets them each something. Stuart should get his bible as my mom has bought them each a bible for their 1st easter. Then she gets them all something springy. (in the past they have all got bunnies with their names on them)

The MIL does the egg hunt and baskets so I don't do anything as to not over whelm them with crap.
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
11:06 PM 03-12-2009
Nothing, since I don't know what to get a new born
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
12:21 AM 03-13-2009
Like everyone else, just a little candy in the baskets and then some bubbles and books and a DVD or maybe skates or something.
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
06:45 PM 03-13-2009
I think I well get Easter baskets for my doggie though, does that count?
meshell04's Avatar meshell04
07:04 PM 03-14-2009
I do a basket with very little candy .. and egg hunt ! They don't get anything else when I was going up thats all we got ..
DianaL's Avatar DianaL
10:49 AM 03-15-2009
bubbles, alil bit of candy and maybe a dvd. my MIL usually makes a basket theme for each of them. Lil Raymond loves basketball and Destiny loves Disney Princesses so something along the lines
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
10:43 PM 03-16-2009
We dont' do a whole lot for easter baskets for our kids. This year they are each getting a fishing rod for when we go camping. They are also each getting a spring outfit and a tiny bit of chocolate......we never have gone overboard with that kidn of stuff for our kids.
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