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To all Baby U members: When you see a bad post

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Jenn's Avatar Jenn
09:02 AM 05-27-2008
Please click on the little exclamation mark in the corner of the post. That way it gets reported to the mod of that board and it can be moved.
Grace's Avatar Grace
09:17 AM 05-27-2008
Thanks, Jenn! Will do!
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
09:25 AM 05-27-2008
Thanks Jenn
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
10:37 AM 05-27-2008
Janice's Avatar Janice
06:23 PM 05-27-2008
Thanks for letting people know about that Jen, it is very helpful and I/we can get to them faster when they are reported.
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
11:29 PM 05-27-2008
Cool...that is good to know! Thanks!!
KimmerRN's Avatar KimmerRN
11:30 PM 05-27-2008
Jenn's Avatar Jenn
09:13 AM 05-28-2008
Awesome job girls! I got about 6 reported posts notices in my email today!! Someone beat me to it to get rid of it, thank god because that was nasty!!!
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
09:33 AM 05-28-2008
I got it this morning Jenn. Can you say ewww???
Jenn's Avatar Jenn
09:37 AM 05-28-2008
sooo gross! What is wrong with people! Putting that on a parenting site!
Jenn's Avatar Jenn
08:50 PM 05-28-2008
Janice said this in another post :"Yepp it's bots. When BabyU 2008 goes live I'll install something that will make this kind of abuse near impossible."

Not sure what bots are but i think they maybe something that just gets into our system(bbu).
Jenn's Avatar Jenn
09:04 AM 05-29-2008
Me either
dinapooh2's Avatar dinapooh2
10:08 AM 05-29-2008

Janice's Avatar Janice
10:57 AM 05-29-2008
It's just spam, I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it. There's not a person behind those threads, it's all completely automated.
Jenn's Avatar Jenn
07:05 PM 05-29-2008
Thanks Janice, I didnt really understand it that well.
Janice's Avatar Janice
12:51 PM 05-30-2008
Yeah, I hate it. Stupid spambots are only getting smarter. =/
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