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Zyrilia's Avatar Zyrilia
12:09 AM 06-07-2008
Anyone know where the "Sales and Discounts" forum went? I know it hadn't been posted to in a while, but now it's missing entirely
Janice's Avatar Janice
01:55 PM 06-09-2008
There is going to be some slight forum rearranging going on with a few of the less trafficked forums being suspended for now until we gain in activity. We would like to make some areas more "general" so that they have a wider appeal and thus more activity.
Zyrilia's Avatar Zyrilia
08:50 PM 06-09-2008
I guess I'll find another way to disseminate that information, then. If the forum gets reinstated eventually, will old posts still be available?
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
10:00 PM 06-09-2008
Judy, if you are looking for something specific, let me know and I will be happy to take a look for you. And if I run across any outstanding deals, I can always PM people or post them in a different forum for now.
Janice's Avatar Janice
04:37 PM 06-10-2008
The old posts are all there, though I have to question how useful they are past a certain period of time due to the limited time nature of sales and discount codes.
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
09:52 PM 06-10-2008
Janice, most sales are only good for a few days at most. The longest is a month. I try to post exp. dates when I know them. So, after a month, those posts could be easily be deleted without any problems.
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