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Grace's Avatar Grace
12:38 PM 07-05-2008
The ads I see are from my town which is kind of odd because my town is so small. Is this something new? Thanks.
Janice's Avatar Janice
09:14 PM 07-06-2008
I know that some variables of ads can change based on your IP. You'll see the same thing on many websites who serve ads, your computer sends out your IP address and the ads can insert the city your IP is originating from to tailor the ad.
Grace's Avatar Grace
02:06 AM 07-07-2008
I didn't know that. Thanks!
Janice's Avatar Janice
10:54 AM 07-07-2008
NP Grace
AndreaB's Avatar AndreaB
11:23 AM 07-07-2008
that is actually interesting, i haver personally always ignored the ads because so many of them are for the USA only. now i notice that some of them are actually Canadian adds. cool
knee cole's Avatar knee cole
12:23 PM 07-07-2008
janice, I just clicked one for Rockich Floors and the site was no longer available.
Janice's Avatar Janice
01:47 PM 07-07-2008
Wonder why they would be advertising then! Seems like a waste of money. xD
knee cole's Avatar knee cole
04:18 PM 07-07-2008
I'm thinking Rockich is the guys I used to work for and they aren't the smartest in the bunch.
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