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Help with the baby crib.....

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Suerita's Avatar Suerita
05:19 PM 04-23-2006
I recieved a baby crib for free at my baby shower a few weekends ago. I finally got it shipped down to the town that I live in. Its beautiful, nice light wood oak, and I believe its from Million Dollar Baby, for thats what it says on the side of the railing.
I only have one problem. It didnt come with directions, and I dont know anything about putting together a crib, and Mark, the baby's daddy, tried his best, but he has no clue as to what he is doing either.
Does anyone know where I can find directions for putting a crib together? I know it shouldnt be that hard to do, but Im not all that smart to begin with!
I appreciate anyones help!! Thanks!!
rwkem's Avatar rwkem
08:57 PM 04-23-2006
Try and do a google search for it and see if you can find them. Or if you find an 800# on the box or anything and see if you can call it?
Shari's Avatar Shari
09:59 PM 04-23-2006
I found this site:

I would contact them and explain to them that you lost your directions and see if they could send you another set.

Good luck!!
AndreaB's Avatar AndreaB
01:03 AM 04-24-2006
great link Shari!! good luck, even with instructions they can be a challenge!
lvissers's Avatar lvissers
05:15 PM 04-29-2006
Good Luck! I hope the link gives you the info you need. (Great find Shari!)
Suerita's Avatar Suerita
11:26 PM 04-29-2006
Thank y'all so much for your inputs! The website worked wonders, thank you so much once again! Y'all rock!!
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