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Friday, February 8th - It's time to CHAT!

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Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
09:16 AM 01-28-2008
So, a few of you expressed an interest in chatting, so let's DO IT! Friday night, February 8th at 8PM EST (7PM CST, 6PM MST, 5PM PST).

How is the chat room here on BU working? Want to use that or try a yahoo chat?

Let me know what your preferences are! I don't have everyone's yahoo ID (if it has changed since the last time we chatted), so make sure I have it so I can invite you to join us!
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
11:14 AM 01-28-2008
ooooo oooooo oooo I am in
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
11:24 AM 01-28-2008
You and me, babe! Bring it on! I'll bring the Cap'n!

Who else would like to join us party animals?
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
11:29 AM 01-28-2008
Hey remember the voice chats we used to have......the drinking.....the tunes.....
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
11:44 AM 01-28-2008
Oh yeah! I remember!

Oh, and I have a new shot for ya'll to try some time. It has a sexy name and Rick loves it! You need Amaretto de Saronno, Bailey's Irish Creme, Tequila Rose Strawberry Creme and whipped cream. Equal parts of each in a shot glass topped with whipped cream. The kicker is the guy is supposed to drink it from between your thighs without spilling! And if he does, then he has to "clean up the mess" with his tongue. The name of it is a Slippery ***** (kitty Kat)!
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
12:05 PM 01-28-2008
I can try but 7 on a friday is kinda early for me. The girls don't go to bed until 8 at the earlist.
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
12:13 PM 01-28-2008
Brenda why am I not surprised that you would find a drink with a name like that too bad Jerry doesn't do shooters
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
02:37 PM 01-28-2008
well... If you all go late I will be there. I'm not getting up at 4am to chat with yall though... So talk long, and I will see you there
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
04:09 AM 01-29-2008
I don't think it is the booze that Rick likes so much as the delivery system!
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
06:24 AM 02-05-2008
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
10:08 PM 02-08-2008

KimmerRN's Avatar KimmerRN
11:39 PM 02-08-2008
Chat room WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon down................
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