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kdAlise's Avatar kdAlise
10:47 AM 04-15-2009
Hi everyone, I'm sorry about the confusion. There was a family emergency last night and I wasn't able to be here. Everything's fine, I just had to be there last minute for my family.

I would like to reschedule the chat for tomorrow night (Thursday, April 16) or Friday (April 17) at 10 PM Eastern, 9 Central. Please let me know which night will be best for everyone.

Sorry again.
Wendy's Avatar Wendy
11:07 AM 04-15-2009
I won't be there but I hope someone can keep me posted. I'm in bed at 10--at least during the school year. Summer on the other hand.....
Grace's Avatar Grace
11:40 AM 04-15-2009
I can never get the chat function to work here. I thought it was because of my outdated browser, but others have mentioned to me that it didn't work for them either. So maybe a test run is in order before the main event just to ensure the chat function is working properly. Like I said though, the company who manufactured my netbook when belly up and it hasn't been undated since 2007, so I am a bad one for that.
Wendy's Avatar Wendy
11:57 AM 04-15-2009
Works for me. Just make sure you go to the right link. the one on the main page leads to a dead page....which BTW BBUer's from back in the day....don't go to the main page....there is still halloween stuff up. I remember when Elaine and I did it weekly
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
01:19 PM 04-15-2009
I don't know if I even remember how to do it Wendy. I'd love to get back into it though!
Grace's Avatar Grace
01:32 PM 04-15-2009
For me it says something about Flash which explains it. Flash cannot be updated on my Netbook.
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
01:51 PM 04-15-2009
My password won't work on the chat function.
Thursday night works better for me. I won't be able to participate at all on Friday.
02:04 PM 04-15-2009
Me either. I'm flying to Fl.
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
06:09 PM 04-15-2009
Now I dont feel sop bad about not being here. Things with Drew haven't been good these past few days.

Thursday or Friday isd fine with me, although Thursday is better. We may have to go somewhere Friday - not sure yet.
kdAlise's Avatar kdAlise
12:30 PM 04-16-2009
We will have the meeting tonight (Thursday). The chat is loading fine for me, with updated Flash and Firefox 3. There's not really anything we can do to change it or help make it easier to access. We are looking into password issues, but otherwise please just check your versions of Flash and browser. You will probably have to have an updated browser.
kdAlise's Avatar kdAlise
11:02 PM 04-16-2009
Ok, I am in the chat room. No one else is here yet, but I will wait for a while.
kdAlise's Avatar kdAlise
11:18 PM 04-16-2009
Brenda is going to try to set up a chat in Yahoo since so many are having trouble with the on-site chat feature.

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