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A pic of Dylan

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Robyn's Avatar Robyn
08:26 PM 05-16-2007
I haven't posted many pics of the kids recently..
Here's a picture of Dylan yesterday at T-Ball practice (hes sitting on my lap) with my sunglasses on.

He's such a ham..
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
08:54 PM 05-16-2007
What a cutie!
AndreaB's Avatar AndreaB
08:56 PM 05-16-2007
he is adorable!
Grace's Avatar Grace
01:46 AM 05-17-2007
dinapooh2's Avatar dinapooh2
10:03 AM 05-17-2007
He is such a cutie! Hard to believe he's that big already. Seems like just yesterday you were having him. Man, time flies!!!!
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
10:06 AM 05-17-2007
Awww... maybe a ham, but he's such a handsome little guy.
Robyn's Avatar Robyn
10:59 AM 05-17-2007
haha Elaine.. he's not little! LOL

He comes up to about my hip (i'm about 5'9") and he's a little over 40 pounds! He's definitely going to be a full-back!!
Kristenph's Avatar Kristenph
12:02 PM 05-17-2007
He is so cute
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