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What religion are you?

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05:33 PM 01-16-2009
I am Pagan.

knee cole's Avatar knee cole
12:58 PM 01-18-2009
Jewish here. Hubby's Methodist. The kids really aren't anything formal. y Jewish law they are Jewish, even if they don't want to be.
flaminjo's Avatar flaminjo
02:10 PM 01-18-2009
well, i am a Catholic, and my Husband is a Hindu
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
10:07 PM 01-18-2009
I was rasied Catholic, Jordan was raised protestant.. we both are now Agnostic. We still go to Korean Catholic church with my parents but that is mostly it.
flaminjo's Avatar flaminjo
02:06 AM 05-25-2009
Which church has most adherents in Korea catholic or protestants?
baileysmama14's Avatar baileysmama14
08:17 PM 06-07-2009
Hi, I'm LDS = Mormon.

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