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Do you pray before meals?

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Elaine's Avatar Elaine
09:11 AM 11-05-2009
It's always been a practice to pray before meals at our babysitter's house. Considering that my kids have been there for well over 2 years now and eat at least 2 meals a day at her house, it's become normal for them. They've recently (in the last few months) been wanting to pray at home too. I feel really awkward about it (not the praying as much as the speaking out loud in front of people) ... even growing up in a strictly religious home, we didn't pray before meals ... probably because I had a single mother and I don't even remember meals being eaten as a family. I do want my children to have the example of their mother praying but am not really comfortable with actually doing it.
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
10:48 AM 11-05-2009
We say Grace together before Dinner... not so much at the other meals because they aren't eaten together. The girls have a prayer that they say together and now we are starting to progress to Tessa saying a more grown up grace occasionally.

Two children's graces are...
God is Great, God is Good let us thank you for this food (not the one we use)

We use
Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you for the food we eat
Thank you for the birds that sing,
thank you God for Everything

The girls just liked the second one better. If I forget to say grace they will remind us...
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
11:14 AM 11-05-2009
Some families simply bow their heads and each person says their own prayer. Maybe you can try that.
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
11:35 AM 11-05-2009
We only do when we are at the inlaws. I know in Preschool the kids learn a simple little prayer before the eat it.
Grace's Avatar Grace
01:38 PM 11-05-2009
Nope. Is anyone surprised? We do teach our kids to be respectful of others praying though.

here are two from my childhood (my family prayed at all possible occassions and a few impossible ones ):

Come lord jesus be our guest. Unto us these gifts be blessed. Amen.

We thank the lord for our food for the nurishment of our bodies. Amen.

My aunt had a special catholic prayer that ended with the sign of the cross or we did a round robin where everyone had to contribute a line saying what they were thankful for. Every line had to be original, so you always hoped you were at the front or all the good stuff was taken. With about 15 of us, family, friends, food and home got taken up pretty quick and we got into trouble for saying the dog.
ryann2's Avatar ryann2
01:58 PM 11-05-2009
We do, but you may have the kids lead the prayer, then speaking out loud isn't a concern. My kids take turns, I never say the meal prayer...
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
03:12 PM 11-05-2009
I say the meal prayer before our Thanksgiving meal with Kyle's family because no one else will do it. I am not completely comfortable doing it, but I know that what's important is that I am thanking God for our food and for all He's blessed us with. It's what is in your heart, not how you say it. Plus, your kids will be blessed by having you do that, and they are not experts either. We try to pray regularly before meals, but we do not pray every time.
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