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nasmythd 11-09-2000 08:15 PM

Has anyone had a problem with their baby/toddler refusing cereal? My daughter ate it every morning for months and now refuses it. I'm concerned that she's missing out on the zinc and other minerals that are found in baby cereal.. Does anyone have any good replacement foods? Thanks

zts2000 11-09-2000 08:58 PM

Have you tried mixing some kind of fruit baby food in with your daughters cereal? My son likes cereal much better this way. Have you ever tried rice cereal or baby oatmeal? It doesn't have much taste compared to baby food. I have been giving my son Enfamil vitamins you can mix in with their food or squeeze into their mouths. My son hates them, but I have to force him to take them. I put them directly into his mouth because he doesn't like it in food and won't eat it.
It smells pretty terrible, so it must be really good for him.

Dawn 11-09-2000 09:08 PM

I also use fruit in my son's cereal. You can mash up a ripe banana, mix in some applesauce, or just use about half a jar of her favorite fruit.

You didn't mention how old your daughter is, but there are toddler oatmeals made by one of the baby food companies that are flavored if she's old enough.

Lori 11-10-2000 01:23 AM

My baby is starting to refuse rice cereal now too and the only problem with that is that she doesn't like any of the fruit except bananas and we are still trying to figure out if she is allergic to that. We have peaches to try still but I'm figuring that if she doesn't like applesauce or pears that she is not going to like the peaches. I am really hoping that she will like oatmeal which I am going to give to her as soon as I can find some without bananas.

Dawn 11-11-2000 12:10 AM

Just wanted to thank everyone for jinxing me! Cody is now refusing to eat his cereal, even with his favorite fruit, bananas, mashed up in it. It started about the same time this thread did!

Oh well -- spoke too soon! That'll teach me to be a know-it-all!

zts2000 11-11-2000 05:03 AM

You can try mixing it with juice, though I don't know
how well that will work if she does'nt like fruit in it.

nasmythd 11-11-2000 03:15 PM

Nope. Fruit is not working. I guess Chloe has just decided she's "done" with cereal. I even tried mixing a tiny bit of cereal into her applesauce (which she LOVES) at the suggestions of my sister-in-law, and Chloe KNEW. she wouldn't touch her applesauce. Has anyone had any experience with the Gerber vitamins? They say the tastes is pleasant, but you know babies....

Dawn 11-27-2000 12:49 AM

I didn't even realize that Gerber made vitamins. We used the Polyvisol (I think that's what they were called) with Jessica when she was little. They stunk something awful and apparently tasted that bad. I had a heck of a time hiding them in anything.

You might want to check with her doctor -- mine said that she really didn't need the vitamins since she was still eating fruits and veggies and her formula, of course. She may be getting enough nutrients for now.

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