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Wendy 01-27-2001 11:13 PM

He hasn't started sleeping through the night. He still is waking up twice. I just wondered when other babies started sleeping through the night.

Dawn 01-27-2001 11:20 PM

Both of mine started sleeping through the night by 8 weeks. I have no secret -- I was just VERY lucky! I figured since the first one did so well that I would be cursed by my son -- but fortunately, not!

Lacey4722 01-28-2001 12:35 AM

John usually sleeps through the night. Some times he has night terrors but they don't last long. Chasity is up every few hours thanks to teething.

Jeffrey'sMom 01-28-2001 12:48 AM

At 3 mo, Jeffrey was sleeping thru the night. At 5 mo, that stopped due to teething, and who knows what else. Some nights he sleeps 10 hrs, others it's just 4-5 then he's up for a few hrs, usually around 3am.

navy-tigger 01-28-2001 01:30 AM

Edan started sleeping thru the nite (going down between 9-10 and waking at 5-6) at the beginning of Jan. She was 3 mos old. Lately though she's been getting up around 1 and wanting to eat..then falling back. So we'll see how it goes.

Dawn--sleeping thru the nite after only 8 weeks is VERY lucky!

Haley 01-29-2001 07:59 PM

jared started at 2 months, the night we moved him from the bassinett to the crib!

mrs073 01-29-2001 08:21 PM

Emily is a wonderful sleeper -- she even practially slept through the night the first night in the hospital (she would have if the nurse didn't make me wake her up to feed her). Except for maybe 10-15 nights since she came home (5/00), Emily has slept through the night. Most nights, she is in bed by 8:00 p.m. and wakes up around 6:30 - 7:00 a.m.

Wow -- did I luck out!! =

CAGmomof1 01-29-2001 10:49 PM

Our Daughter started sleeping through the night totally at 6 months! She started sleeping through the night then because we finally had a crib in her bedroom and we finally felt at peace about putting her to sleep and to sleep all by herself in her own room!

KJBBDOLL 01-31-2001 05:25 PM

I have been very blessed! All three of my children slept through the night by 8 weeks of age (and they were all breastfed!). My secret? A big "no-no" but there has never been any risk of sids in our family, so, i let my babies sleep on their stomach as soon as i am sure that they do not spit up too much at night. I think that they feel more secure in that sleeping possition or something. My 3 month old daughter, Emily, sleeps 9 hours, nurses and then sleeps a couple more. Halleluia!!! She makes up her nursings throughout the day, though. Emily still nurses every 2 hours, on the dot! As long as she sleeps through the night then I don't mind nursing her so much during the day.

Mother of Zachary Ray, age5; Bailey Alexander, age3; and Emily Krista, age 3months

mrs073 01-31-2001 06:26 PM

Hey Krista -- there must be something lucky about little girls named EMILY !!!!

KJBBDOLL 01-31-2001 06:55 PM

Hi Kathy! I think that you must be right! When we chose her name I had no idea!

Radmand 02-02-2001 05:48 PM

What is sleeping thru the night????
I do not even comprehend that...
Pierce is up about, oh every hour to two hours....

KJBBDOLL 02-02-2001 06:10 PM

Dear Randmand, Is Pierce sleeping too much during the day maybe? By 7 mo. I would think that he should not be up so often during the night. Do you stay up a lot late at night? Pierce just may have his nights and days mixed up. But, who knows, every baby is differant!~ Good luck!

Radmand 02-02-2001 06:17 PM

No...he naps just as bad. I am lucky to get two 45 minute naps out of him...
He wakes up at the smallest noises. He can sleep thru our dog barking right outside his window, but if I flush the toilet he is up...
I wish that he would sleep. I am a zombie!!!
It is getting worse too. He used to only wake up like 4 times, now it is like he is a new born again. I give him teething tablets, gel, tylonol etc..I try!!!

KJBBDOLL 02-02-2001 06:30 PM

That's too bad. Hope something works for you soon! Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

Radmand 02-02-2001 07:07 PM

I am breastfeeding. I guess he will just have to grow into sleeping thru the night. Maybe when I can reason with him?

KJBBDOLL 02-03-2001 02:37 AM

Michelle, HI again! Have you tried giving him cereal before bedtime? That may help since breast milk digests fast, and he very well may be hungry. He shouldn't be that much though! But, back to 'every baby is differant'! Good luck, and try to get some sleep girlfriend!

Radmand 02-03-2001 03:50 AM

Yah...I have tried, he spits it out...all the joys I get. He will NOT eat cereal, no matter how it is prepared. All he eats is applesauce. You are probably right tho, he may be hungry. I tried to feed him some applesauce before his normal bedtime tonight, and he would not go to sleep! I used to be so lucky that he would go to bed so easy at 7:30p. every night, but the past few nights, it has been a battle. Oh well, I guess I will just keep trying.

mrs073 02-03-2001 03:02 PM

Michelle --

Is Pierce waking up hungry or crying at night? At 7 mos. it is likely he is waking up so much at night because it's habit - not necessity. If he doesn't wake up crying you might want to wait and see if he can get himself back to sleep. Has your doctor suggested anything?

Not everyone agrees about the Ferber method of getting little ones to sleep, but sometimes you have to try it if all else fails. Emily was having a rough patch of falling asleep and I would put her down and let her cry for 5 min. before picking her up again. The next time I would let her cry for 10 min. and so on. It really does work -- don't let him cry too hard for too long though -- it's not good for them.

Keep us posted and good luck!

Radmand 02-03-2001 04:49 PM

Thank you, I have tried that too. I am just a softy. We are moving into a bigger house March I think it will be easier for me. Right now our house is so small and his room and ours is conected by a bathroom, so I hear him like he is right there, and vice versa...cross your fingers that his new room will be quieter. It is on the other side of the house from the "activity" so I hope!

Kristenph 02-04-2001 06:19 PM

My son slept through the night at 6 weeks old and my daughter at 9 weeks. I must be very blessed. I can't imagine how it would be to not get a full night's sleep for that long! I was pretty messed up as it was.

Elaine 02-05-2001 10:25 PM

Haley was sleeping through the night months 1-3 but then started waking up around midnight. She would stay awake screaming and not go back to sleep unless I walked her around the house, but would wake back up as soon as I tried to put her down. After awhile I started putting her in the swing when she woke up but it wasnt electric so every 15-20 min she would wakeup screaming and I would have to recrank the stupid thing. That went on for about 4 months. since then we have had no problems.

Robyn 02-05-2001 10:30 PM

What is the Ferber method???

Tara 02-08-2001 10:39 PM

My first baby was about 3 months old. My second baby(bless his heart)slept through the whole night the first day we got home from the hospital. He slept from 12:00pm to 8:00am, I freaked out when I woke up and he was still asleep because he didn't eat all night, but he was fine. Needless to say I fed him immediately. After that day he woke up once a night to eat for a week. After a week he never woke up during the night again.

Robyn 02-08-2001 10:52 PM

I don't want to jinx myself or anything.. but the past 2 nights austin hasn't woken up.. AT ALL.. infact Tuesday night he went to bed at 10pm and didn't wake up until 10am!!!! I was a little scared.. but VERY rested! I hope this is the begining of the end of waking up!!!

India 03-02-2001 01:21 AM

Started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. The baby just started sleeping through the night at 4 months. That was definitely a surprise for me. I was not used to her taking so long to sleep through the night. Arghhh

chickadee 03-02-2001 05:38 PM

Jeremy slept through at 5 weeks and Julia at 6 weeks. I lucked out..big time!!!

Diana 03-05-2001 01:28 PM

Slept for 5 hours first night home. About Dec. started sleeping from 9:30pm until I got up about 6:30. And still is going great!!

kel1018 04-16-2001 04:25 PM

Matthew started to sleep through the night at 7 weeks. I had to stop breast feeding because my pump was causing me damage. I put him on formula. I think that is what did the trick. I heard that formula stays with babies longer. Whoever told me that was right. He just turned 9 months old and is still sleeping through.

SupaMa 04-26-2001 07:52 PM

My son didn't start sleeping through the entire night until he was almost 2!!! ~ However my daughter slept through the night when she was only 2 months old . . . I guess it all depends on the child.

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