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OH MY GOSH I forgot to post this--

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MaryBeth001's Avatar MaryBeth001
07:11 PM 07-15-2007
I CLEANED UP at STAPLES 1 cent sale last week.

I got 6 pencil sharpeners ( small plastic with lg and sm sharpeners ) 1cent each
9 12 packs of #2 pencils ( 1 cent each )
6 8 pk pencils ( 1 cent each )
12 vinyl 3 ring binders ( 3/.99 )
20 two pocket folders ( 1 cent each )
9 nice plastic pencil boxes ( 1 cent each )

The best of all-- a 5 pk of Pentel pens for 3.29 and a rebate for 3.29= FREE

My grand total for all this was under 9 dollars.

The only thing I missed out on was they had 4 oz elmers glue for 9 cents a bottle.

( Yes, I am BTS shopping in July) can't pass up these deals.
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
12:33 AM 07-22-2007
Those are GREAT deals! I wish I had come across those.
Maryland's Avatar Maryland
02:33 PM 07-24-2007
I got in on that deal too! Bought pencils, folders, binders and glue. Yep, can't beat the deals for things kids will need for school!
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