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How to Save $400 a Month on Groceries

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Grace's Avatar Grace
11:49 AM 06-30-2008
Grocery shopping is like playing the slots in Vegas.

Last week I won, saving $25 by planning ahead and using coupons. Other weeks, the house wins -- I forget my list, miss the store circular, find out my coupons have expired -- and the register drawer devours my cash with a malevolent snap. Gotcha!
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
02:12 AM 07-01-2008
Did you read the comments of some of the people? Geez - get a life people! DOn't like coupons? Don't use them - more deals for the rest of us. I have been a member of The Grocery Game for YEARS and regularly save 50% to 70%. My personal best was 92%, but I doubt I'll ever manage that again. Growing your own food is great, but not everyone can do that. Only cut outthe coupons you will use if your time is limited. Only buy what you normally would, even if you have coupons - buying things you won't use is wasteful. Take from this article what you can use and leave the rest. Personally, I already do everything she talked about. And I spend about $250 a month for 3 adults, 1 teen and 1 child - including food, HBA, cleaning and pets. These are good tips if you willing to utilize them.
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