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knee cole's Avatar knee cole
02:37 PM 11-14-2008

There isn't anything good to say about this advertisement, it's really
horrible. Half of the items on sale are at their regular sale price,
some only a couple bucks cheaper. I'd love to lie and say that it's
the standard, awesome Best Buy Black Friday advertisement, but it
isn't. Because the advertisement is so awful, there are now multiple
theories going around about why Best Buy would even think to release
an advertisement like this.

The four prevailing theories are these:
1. This is the legitimate Best Buy BF ad and it is horrible (possible)
2. This is the Best Buy BF advertisement that runs in Wisconsin,
where they have laws that don't allow stores to sell loss-leader items
(also possible)
3. This is a decoy and the "real" advertisement is still yet to be
released (unlikely)
4. Best Buy will be relying heavily on their "Secret Sales" rather
than their actual Black Friday advertisement (likely)

This is all speculation though, we've heard nothing from Best Buy
regarding the advertisements. There are over 100 email
addresses on this mailing list, we know that your corporate office is
accessing our site, we'd love to hear from you.
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