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dinapooh2 04-25-2006 02:21 PM

I planted 12 rose bushes this year. 11 of them were new. One was transplanted. When I got back from vacation, they were looking kind of sick. I knew it wasn’t from not having enough water, because it rained a TON while I was gone.

Last night I started looking at the one that looks the worst, and the leaves still look healthy on about half of it, but the other half is almost black with something. And it has this little green worm crawling on it. It’s a tiny little thing. About as big around as a pin. And it’s neon green.

Does anybody know what this is? If so, what can I do to treat it?

I got some rose food and some anti-fungus insect spray especially for roses last night. I am hoping this will help.

Elaine 04-25-2006 05:15 PM

Sounds like a mix of black spot (a fungal disease) and an infestation problem. Did you just see one worm or are there a lot of them and tiny holes in the plant?
Black spot is caused by excessive moisture and to get rid of it you have to remove all of the infected part of the plant and dispose of it far from the live bushes. Don't burn it near the plants because the spores will just carry back to the bushes.

dinapooh2 04-25-2006 05:37 PM

Thanks, Elaine.

I know they need to be pruned, so I am going to do that this week and take off the bad parts. We can't burn here so I'll probably bag them and put them out with the trash since it comes Wednesday. I hope that helps.

I saw one worm, and that's the only one I saw on any of the bushes. And no little holes. I will have to get out and really look at them, but I didn't notice anything except the one worm and the fungus.

melizerd 04-25-2006 08:11 PM

Roses get bugs and diseases REALLY easy. There is this spray I used to use on them about once a month that kept all that away. I'd check at your local plant shop.

dinapooh2 04-28-2006 04:50 PM

The stuff I got said to use it every two weeks. So, we're gonna try that and see.

melizerd 04-28-2006 05:31 PM

Is it a spray? I think that might have been the stuff I had too. It worked really well. I used it just about all summer. It's a pain to have a lot of roses together because of the diseases they get. Good luck.

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