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Elaine's Avatar Elaine
02:42 PM 01-04-2010
It is COLD here ... the wind chill makes it feel well below zero and the snow hasn't quit for days. It's making leaving the apartment miserable. So sick of winter.
What is the weather like where you are?
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
04:12 PM 01-04-2010
COLD here today. It was 40 when I went to the store this morning about 9am. Supposed to have sleet and/or snow Wed & Thurs - just in time for th kids to go back to school. Such fun! They are saying it's going to be well below freezing tonight and my heater isn't working right. *sigh*
04:29 PM 01-04-2010
Up to 30 inches in some areas where I live. Snow is really coming down hard today and my son is in school!

Tempertures remain in the teens currently, not fun and stuck at work and I have no idea how long it will take to get home this evening.
Robyn's Avatar Robyn
07:17 PM 01-04-2010
lol same here!
hasnt' stopped snowing all day!
I'm between Karen and you Elaine!
Grace's Avatar Grace
08:06 PM 01-04-2010
I'm about where you are, Elaine. Yesterday, it was much colder. I can't believe it's flippin' warmer in Alaska than WV!
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
09:02 PM 01-04-2010
It's in the teens today, no snow today but more coming in on Wednesday. Today is supposed to be one of the warmest days of the week.
Tara's Avatar Tara
01:25 AM 01-05-2010
-12 and I don't plan to leave the house unless I have to, lol. My poor puppy has to learn to go outside in this freezing weather.
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