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Oh m' gosh ... I wish this snow would go away!

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Elaine's Avatar Elaine
11:01 AM 02-09-2010
I'm in a serious panic here over driving to work today. I don't have far to go but the snow is coming down and the roads are untreated. We just got dumped on over the weekend and a new system is coming through now ... by tomorrow we should have another 3 - 5 inches. I know that doesn't sound bad but I'm not liking this one bit.
paijj's Avatar paijj
01:17 PM 02-09-2010
I will trade your 3-5 inches for the 12-20 inches(on top of the 30 inches from the weekend) that we are gonna get! I am SO [email protected] SICK of this white crap. I have a 6 ft wall of snow on both sides of my driveway...I have no idea how I am gonna put another foot worth on top of it...I don't think I can shovel that high!
I drove home from work Friday night in that mess(we already had about 6 inches by that time), and I am supposed to be heading to work tomorrow at about the time this next storm should be ending....somehow I don't think I am driving anywhere if we get 12-20 inches of snow...and I so can NOT afford to miss work.

I want to move to the Equator!
01:48 PM 02-09-2010

I feel your pain, not only having to commute having to transport children is a nightmare. What if there's not school tomorrow or wednesday, should I prepare now for all daycare which cost me more. I can't expect someone else to drive in the snow to pick them up. AHHHH, I dislike winter...
Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
01:54 PM 02-09-2010
Ya'll take care driving in all that snow! We're having what we consider a cold snap here (back into the high 30's at night, low 50's in the daytime). But nothing like you are getting.
Grace's Avatar Grace
02:32 PM 02-09-2010
Our roads are clear, so no problems there for us. I have mixed feelings about the white stuff. I get tired of it, but winter is the best time of year for my MS. Also, my area depends on snow for winter tourism. Since the closure of many businesses around here, tourism is about all we have. Last year, there was very little snow and we did not get the tourists we needed for many businesses to make it through the year. So although, it does get tiresome, it hasn't been super cold. IMO, let it snow, let it snow. Let it snow. Snow is white gold for us. Also, several foot of snow a year is quite normal for my area. I just wish the state, city and county government had planned for it. How can winter take them by surprise every freaking year!
Elaine's Avatar Elaine
04:40 PM 02-09-2010
You can keep your snow Bridget. I'll deal with our, now 4 - 8 inches. *sigh* I'm just sick of being stuck in the house as there aren't the resources to keep the roads clear here in the rural areas.
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