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Grace 06-17-2010 06:20 PM

AS A GARDENER, it can be your worst nightmare: watching helplessly as hordes of destructive insects attack your plants. With a little planning and simple landscaping, however, you can help moderate garden pests naturally in your yard. Your weapon: bug-eating birds. "During the late spring and summer months, insects make up the great majority of many avian species' diets," says NWF Chief Naturalist Craig Tufts. The trick to enticing these birds to your property, he notes, is to first learn which of them range in your area, and then to plant appropriate types of native cover that provide insect- and bird-attracting natural foods--leaves, fruit, pollen and nectar--to sustain both adults and their insect-dependent nestlings. Tina Phillips, project leader of Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Bird House Network, adds, "The most important thing to do to attract birds to your yard is to provide an enticing habitat, not just a nest box. Birds choose a nest site based on its surrounding habitat."

Backyard Habitat - National Wildlife Federation

Grace 06-17-2010 06:23 PM

I have a window feeder that attracts many of the birds on this list - especially Northern Cardinals and Chickadees. While all the other buildings are plagued with hornets, wasps and different types of bees, mine has none. My dh is allergic to stinging insects and the pesticides used to get rid of them. I'm glad to see my hobby (bird feeding) is working out in so many ways. My cats spend many pleasurable hours watching the feeder. In fact, the whole family has enjoyed it.

Spaggie 06-22-2010 10:02 PM

Any idea how to get rid of the (&#(^&#&^ bluejay's that are attacking my pets when they go into the backyard? Tutti (our older cat) has already killed one, but the other is still haunting us. This is the second house we have had this problem with. ANd neighbors at both places have said the same. i used to like bluejays, but who knew they could be so vicious?

Grace 06-22-2010 10:43 PM

I did. They used to attack us whenever we left the house when I was growing up on the farm. Being primarily insect eaters, they do have their good side, though.

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