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Grace 03-24-2011 12:56 PM

And what are you doing?

Grace 03-24-2011 01:02 PM

I was going great gang busters when I ran out of trash bags.  redface.gif  I have a few piles of leaves raked up and ready to go  when I get around to buying some new bags. I was hoping the free bag fairy (the city) would bestow some on me. But no such luck.  I wish I could start planting flowers, but the weather has turned cold and I don't really understand the full definition of the words "heavy freeze".  Does that mean freezing period or the ground freezing? At any rate, my beautiful sunny days have returned to cold, windy ones.  frown.gif  So I am  back to raking and bagging leaves when I get off my duff and buy some more bags.  I hope everyone else has fewer leaves in their yard than I do.  Next year, I will not let it get this bad either. 

AndreaB 03-30-2011 12:11 PM

i'm just waiting for the snow to melt enough to get started pooper scooping.  then weed pulling and maybe plant some marigolds

Grace 03-31-2011 06:08 PM

I am planting marigolds and alyssum in the front yard and sunflowers next to the house. I finally figured out the tree in my front yard is a dogwood.  It's just about to bloom.  Hopefully, I'll be getting a mower and trimmer/edger tomorrow so I can start mowing and weedeating over the weekend. 


I hope your snow melts soon, Andrea.  (hugs)

Spaggie 04-08-2011 08:08 AM

Everyone around here has been working on their yards for weeks.  Of course, we have had some unseasonably warm weather, even for us.  Been in the 80's for about 2 weeks straight, but it has turned chilly lately.


I got my entire veggie garden planted, as well as a few flowers out front for me and Ally.  Still need to do something in front of the house and around the small tree.  Just not sure what.  Don't really have any money to spend on it right now anyway.

Grace 04-08-2011 10:44 AM

I finally got my yard cleaned up and purchased a new trimmer/edger and lawn mower, then it rains like there is no tomorrow and my lawn is completely soggy.  Too soggy to mow.  I am hoping it will dry out some today and tomorrow so we can at least plant the garden and maybe mow before it starts raining again on Saturday.  I cleaned out the curb past my house to keep my yard from flooding, now my neighbors' yards are flooded, because they didn't clean out their drains.  My yard should dry out fairly quickly with a little sunshine.  I had the flooded nasty yard before I did all this work.  I'm just sharing the love.  LOL!

wardcosbyson 04-12-2011 06:47 AM

And thanks for sharing the


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