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Got my garden planted!

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Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
08:36 AM 04-08-2011

So, I spent all of Spring Break week (3 weeks ago) planting my vegetable garden.  Those who have been around here a while know I normally have a huge garden.  Haven't had one for 2 years, what with all the housing problems.  My garden isn't as big as I used to do, but that's ok.  Some of my containers got broken during the move, so i used what I had.  Turned out to be a good thing since much more lifting and hauling would have really screwed up my back!

I planted:


12 tomato plants

     4 Marglobe (heirloom)

     4 Bradley (heirloom)

     1 patio tomato

     2 Better Bush

     1 Big Boy


10 pepper plants:

     5 green peppers

     4 jalapeno pepper

     1 serrano pepper


3 strawberry plants


4 cucumber plants


1 cilantro


1 cantaloupe


I've never planted heirloom tomatoes and I am AMAZED at how fast they are growing.  In less than 1 month they have gone from 4 inches to anywhere between 18 and 24 inches!  One of them is just off the charts in growth-it's almost 3 feet already!  I really wanted heirlooms so i can harvest the seeds, which means I won't have to buy them next year.  The other tomatos are ones that I get all the time.  I normally have 20-25 tomato plants, but just didn't have the containers.  If we can swing it, I may get some more later one.


Rick is excited that he will be able to make his own salsa with the cilantro and jalapeno peppers and tomatoes.  The serrano is for Bill (our roommate and the kids Godfather).  He loves HOT stuff and wants to try cooking with fresh serranos.  I bought it and planted it for him and it already has tons of flowers.  But I am NOT picking them!  LOL!


So far I have about 12 actual tomatoes and over 50 flowers on the tomato plants.  It will still be a while before I get to eat any of them, tho.  Take about 2 to 2.5 months for tomatoes.


The cukes have gone haywire, so we plan this weekend to try to rig some kind of trellis for them to climb.  They have 3-5 flowers on each plant.  I have them in self-watering containers and they are growing like gang busters.  Keep your fingers crossed, since I've never had any luck with cukes before.


The peppers are also covered with buds and flowers, as is the cantaloupe.  Never done cantaloupe, but Ally wanted to try it.  Gotta say it looks like it's doing great!  Looking at having to transplant a few of the green peppers.  They are getting so big so fast and will be crowding each other out soon if I don't move some of them.


Ally got her requisite strawberry plants.  Already had a few small one ripen up.  She picks them right off the plant and eat them when she is outside playing.  So I have them in hanging baskets along the fence in the front yard.


So, anyone else planting or planning a veggie garden this year?

Grace's Avatar Grace
10:29 AM 04-08-2011

Ours is ready to go, but we haven't planted much yet.  Our plan was to plant this week, but it's been raining non stop. *shucks*  So far we've planted potatoes, 2 types of onions, garlic, strawberries, asparagus, 2 raspberry bushes, a blueberry bush and a blackberry bush.  I sure hope we get around to planting the rest soon.  However, the weather (and dh's health) are not cooperating. 


WTG on your garden, Brenda!  You are definitely going to save a lot of money this summer. 

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