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Zyrilia 09-25-2004 01:02 PM

What a crazy week it's been! Let's start with last Monday. At school, Joey got in trouble for fighting with another little boy The same boy he's had problems with before. In all fairness, in both cases, the boy did something to Joey that led to the altercation. The first time, he stuck out his tongue at Joey, so Joey kicked him (I understand that he reacted, but he reacted wrongly there). This time, the boy was teasing him, so Joey kicked his backpack, and the boy reciprocated by kicking Joey in the knee. I think Joey just might have inherited Mommy's temper... It's just another thing we need to work on, I guess. However, DH and I talked it over, and Joey's punishment is no computer games this weekend. He's quite unhappy about that one.

That afternoon, I was walking out to the mailbox and what did I find? There was a big praying mantis on my driveway. I ran back inside, got Joey and a wide-mouthed glass jar, and we caught the bugger. I took a piece of lace I had in the sewing room, and rubber-banded it across the top of the jar. When DH got home, we showed it to him. Joey was so proud! Then, we gathered up the guy (who was now named Charlie) and went to MIL's house for her birthday. We picked up Chinese food for everyone on the way. All DH's siblings got there shortly after we did, so it was a big dinner for all. Joey made sure that everyone got introduced to 'Charlie', and after dinner, Joey, my neice and I took him out into the back yard to set him free. I even got both kids to let it crawl on theirs hands and arms.

The rest of the week has been pretty dull. I got 10 of my 12 sold auction items shipped. One of the last two is actually a bidder whose mailing address is about 5 miles away, so I've suggested a pickup for that one. The other needs to be shipped, but the person hasn't paid yet. I've sent two invoices via eBay - should I e-mail directly? I've gotten no response at all (but I've saved copies of everything I've sent). Bugs me when people do that.

Yesterday, I had scheduled for a contractor to come out and give me an estimate on re-doing all our bathrooms (tub, shower, cabinets). The guy was supposed to be by in the afternoon, probably between 1 and 2pm. He never showed. Guess he's not getting the job, then. After DH got home, I chased off to the Post Office to ship eBay stuff, and then went by this store (Factory 2U) that's going out of business. Their last day is today. All clothes are 1/2 price, and everything else is 60% off. I bought a couple things for Joey that I'm going to pack away until Christmas, a couple of shirts for DH, and some placemats. I resisted the urge to buy stuff for eBaying - I HAVE to clear out my own stuff first. But man, it was hard.

Today I've got my first Daughters of the American Revolution meeting for the year (they only meet September through May), and it's a salad potluck. I think I'm gonna cheat and buy a salad-in-a-bag kit. I'm just too tired for much else. DH went to Yosemite with his friend, and Joey's going to spend a couple of hours with my mom while I'm at the meeting. DH probably won't be back until very VERY late, so I expect I'll get a lot of cleaning done tonight.

Well, that's my life. Talk to you guys later!

Elaine 09-25-2004 03:28 PM

Hi Judy! Great to hear from you.

I've considered joining DAR a few times but never get around to it. It is somewhere on my list with joining the Mayflower Society.

I would email directly your non paying bidder.

NicoleB 09-27-2004 04:34 PM

I agree, I would email them directly.

Glad you are doing good on your auctions!!

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