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Grace 03-03-2007 06:28 PM

This is from my blog at PFZ --

I got this dvd along with two others of the same series from the Dollar Tree. I had no idea they were Australian when I bought them. Wow! The instructor on this dvd is hyper. She's like Denise Austin on speed. The instructions where hard to follow. She skipped so fast from one move to another that I barely got one move when she'd moved on. I think it would have been a lot harder workout if I had been able to keep up with the swiftly changing movements. She just went BAM! from one thing to the next with no transition or anything. Plus the filming is not so great. They don't necissarily show the instructors during a move change, so they're doing something new and I'm looking at someone's face with no clue what's going on.

I think once I have done this dvd a few more times and I know the routine it will be a better workout for me. I thought I wasn't working out that hard until the cool down section when I suddenly realized I was dripping with sweat. Things happen so fast in this video that I didn't really have time to evaluate whether I liked the music or if the moves where boring. The whole time I was just trying to keep up with the quick changes in the routine. Even her fellow instructors were getting confused. I assume they had done this routine several times before taping.

If you don't fall over your own feet trying to figure out the routine, you'll get a heck of a workout with this dvd. Since I only paid a buck for it, I wasn't disappointed. For a dollar, it was worth it and I'll be doing it again sometime soon.
As everyone at PFZ knows, I am the queen of dollar store workout videos. I've gotten a lot of good stuff for my workout video collection at the dollar stores. If I find any more dvds that are out of the mainline (for the US. I think this group is very popular in Australia.), I'll post my reviews for them here too.

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