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StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
12:55 PM 06-24-2007
Here is my new car..a 2003 Toyota RAV4. I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!
AndreaB's Avatar AndreaB
12:58 PM 06-24-2007
its cute!

are you missing the power of your car yet though?
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
01:17 PM 06-24-2007

Not really. I'm very impressed at how zippy my RAV4 is. I haven't really noticed that much of a difference.
Dawn's Avatar Dawn
02:20 PM 06-24-2007
How cute!
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
10:06 PM 06-24-2007
i like it!!!
Seabeacon's Avatar Seabeacon
10:10 PM 06-24-2007
They are really highly rated in Consumer Reports! Lucky lucky duck!
DQKaren's Avatar DQKaren
10:15 PM 06-24-2007
very snazzy!
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
10:19 PM 06-24-2007
Thanks girls!
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
08:59 AM 06-25-2007
I like that! My MIL wants a small SUV, and I will have to tell her to check out the RAV 4.
Cheyanne's Avatar Cheyanne
10:55 AM 06-25-2007
Very nice Cheryl!
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
02:18 PM 06-25-2007
Thanks. Tammy, I think your mil would enjoy it! It is fun to drive!
lvissers's Avatar lvissers
02:18 PM 06-25-2007
Very Cute!
Tara's Avatar Tara
03:26 PM 06-25-2007
DianaL's Avatar DianaL
11:54 PM 07-10-2007
love it!!
StevesSweetie's Avatar StevesSweetie
08:38 AM 07-11-2007
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