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tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
08:52 AM 09-23-2007
The good ol' minivan was getting too many miles on it, so we went in search of a newer car or SUV for me. I love what we got!
It's not brand new, but it's very nice, and it's new to me.
I am in a hurry, so here is the dealership link. It probably won't be up long, since we bought the car on Friday.
LittleBit's Avatar LittleBit
09:05 AM 09-23-2007
looks good
Robyn's Avatar Robyn
09:44 AM 09-23-2007
I like that color!!

Very nice!

I love my PT Cruiser, but just *couldnt* buy that van. Now.. I want something that my kids CANNOT TOUCH each other in!!

Elaine's Avatar Elaine
11:03 AM 09-23-2007
Nice! I'm so jealous
tailwaggers's Avatar tailwaggers
01:24 PM 09-23-2007
I loved my van, and honestly, there are things about it that I know I will miss. It had a lot more room for carrying stuff in it--you know--all the kid stuff kids need/want--books, coloring books, toys, diaper bag, etc, but the van had a lot of miles and sometimes acted like it was going to conk out on me. We could have gotten a one year old van for less money than the Expediton, but I dislike buying new cars, so we went with the Expedition because it will last longer, and in the long run, as the kids get older, it will suit our needs just fine. Plus, my parents had an Expedition years ago, and I loved it then. I love this one that we got. Emily and MIL love the DVD player! You would think MIL was a kid the way she is so excited about that option.
Dawn's Avatar Dawn
03:03 PM 09-23-2007
That's purty! I want something like that too!
Seabeacon's Avatar Seabeacon
08:44 PM 09-23-2007
Smart smart smart not buying new. Gorgeous vehicle!!!!! Congrats!
10:17 PM 09-23-2007
thats pretty! i test drove one of those a few months ago and wanted it, but gas is tooooo expensive here.
des02's Avatar des02
03:46 PM 09-24-2007
I looks nice and new I'll take it! Enjoy....
05:51 PM 09-24-2007
WTG .. it is beautiful!!!
Tara's Avatar Tara
12:42 PM 09-26-2007
It looks nice!
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