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Pictures of Jerren ^_^

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Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
12:47 AM 03-15-2009
Thought I would post up some pictures of Jerren!

Some are just proofs just waiting to get those in, LOL he was in a very bad mood while taking the proofs...but they came out ok. Some are also blurry since Jerren HATES the flash.

Elaine's Avatar Elaine
11:12 AM 03-15-2009
He is adorable!
DianaL's Avatar DianaL
11:18 AM 03-15-2009
awww i love the easter egg pics. hes such a cutiepie!
Shona's Avatar Shona
11:29 AM 03-15-2009
So cute!
marylunn20's Avatar marylunn20
06:53 PM 03-15-2009
he's precious!!
07:04 PM 03-15-2009
He's so cute! I believe also that asian feature will always dominate, am I correct? Asians are beautiful people and their babies are so flippin cute. What color are your eyes, his are still grey. What's your guess on his color?
KimmerRN's Avatar KimmerRN
07:31 PM 03-15-2009
What a cutie patootie!!
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
10:10 PM 03-15-2009
Thanks everyone

Yes maam, He is a quarter Korean, and he does look like the has some asian facial features. Like the skin above the eye.... I know what it is called in Korean but not in american.

My eyes are brown, hubby's are blue/green (they change colors) I hope his eyes turn like his daddy's. I love the dark hair with blue/green eyes.
Liz&NicksMom's Avatar Liz&NicksMom
10:42 PM 03-16-2009
awwwwwww he is adorable!!
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
11:11 PM 03-16-2009
he's my little fatty lol
Cheyanne's Avatar Cheyanne
12:57 AM 03-17-2009
Aw he's very cute!
09:57 AM 03-17-2009
He's so cute! The egg pics are so great!
ILoveMySon's Avatar ILoveMySon
10:19 AM 03-17-2009
He is so cute. I just love his lips! haha
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
05:22 PM 07-06-2010

Spaggie's Avatar Spaggie
07:02 PM 07-06-2010
LOVE the hat pic! Gosh, he has gotten so big!
Grace's Avatar Grace
08:36 PM 07-06-2010
What a cutie!
Asiancracker's Avatar Asiancracker
10:04 PM 07-06-2010
Thank you ladies!
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